Endeavor Snowboards gets Jacob Koia

16 Sep, 2008

Here’s the latest collection of pro’s acquired by Endeavor Snowboards.

I’ve heard that Jake kills rabbits…with his snowboard! Okay well maybe not but lets see what this snowboarder brings to the table and I really can’t complain when more kiwi men are brought here. I’ve never seen Jacob ride, but now that I know the name I’ll be on the lookout.


Jacob Koia has signed a multi year sponsorship deal with Endeavor Snowboards. Jake has been with Endeavor since day one and has grown with the brand over the last six years. The sponsorship agreement formalizes the partnership and commitment to each other over the exciting years to come.

“I’m stoked its official; Serfas and Jenke have helped me out so much over the years I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else. Endeavor has come a long way from snowboards to street wear lines. Hands down Endeavor is one of the most innovative companies out there and I’m excited to be a part of it.” – Jake Koia

Jacob Koia is regarded as the Southern Hemisphere’s top snowboarder and is quickly gaining recognition on the international scene. His riding speaks for itself: strong, powerful while smooth and controlled. Jake’s resume is filled with invitations top international events, podium finishes, and video parts. He has turned a challenge of being a kiwi rider in the international scene into an advantage, riding ten months a year to refine his riding. This past season was a stand out year, filming with Standard Films and shooting with Transworld and Endeavor staff photographer Scott Serfas.
“I first met Jake on a trip in Colorado. He ended up traveling with me for the season and constantly impressed me, stomping every trick he tried. Jake has matured as a rider since then after riding with the world’s best in Tahoe and Whistler. There are big things happening for Jake and I’m pleased to be able to help in any way I can.” – Scott Serfas

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