Premiere weekend in Denver!

24 Sep, 2008

This is the premiere weekend in Denver so you should get your ass to Denver. Thursday to Saturday, each night a new film by a different company…what more can you ask for?

I unfortunately can’t make it to Thursday’s show but I will be in Denver Friday and Saturday for the two big hitters so if you can tell what I look like by the hundreds of photos on this blog…then come say hi. I’ll be writing about them and taking photos to put up on here.

Thursday, September 25th premieres Rome’s “No Correct Way” (and 2 smaller films) with $10 admission. Just image the goodies of Rome Gloves, hats, snowboards, being thrown at you mock ten speed pelting you left and right.

Friday, September 26th premiere’s Absinthe’s “Ready” for just $7 with $2 of that going to SOS & Protect our Winters (both worthwhile causes). Rider appearances by Romaine De Marchi, MFM, and Matt Beardmore. There will be prizes, video games and autographs. Last time I took a photo with MFM was in some Vegas hotel party and the photo turned out horrible…it was like we were ghosts.

Saturday, September 27th premieres Quiksilver’s “That’s It, That’s All”
for a whopping $10 and (a suck ass $6 service charge online). You get to meet Travis Rice and the crew involved. Plus it’s dress to impress which means the snowboard guys get to look the same and girls will look super nice like always. I have a nice dress but we’ll see if I want to really show the sisters on saturday night.

Also on Saturday, September 27th in Boulder is the Satellite Reunion Snowboard Movie Premiere featuring Technine’s “Familia”, Airblaster’s “August”, “Stack Footy” and “Satellite On Demand” for $12.50 you get a variety of flicks to enjoy! Giveaways, free stuff and a big Reunion Snowboard Shop sale going on during the weekend.

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