Quiksilver “That’s It, That’s All” Premiere in Denver

28 Sep, 2008

I really wasn’t prepared for the large scale proportions of the entire night. First, it was at the Ellie Caukins Opera House, a place built for sound quality and a very large screen to watch the film on. Second, snowboarders whether dressed up or dressed normal packed the place. Third, the film was epic proportions and with the combined sound, location and people…it just made it better.
I met up with friends to start the night at Rock Bottom and enjoy a good dinner before the film.
I usually never run into people I know in Denver, but last night I ran into friends from Steamboat, people who used to live in Steamboat and people I see on the mountain or at SIA. I was able to meet new people as well that I’ve spoken with for the past couple months.
I kind of felt bad for the Opera House, luckily they knew not to give us bottles of beer and we only disfigured a mannequin by the end of the night.

The first floor jam packed before the film

The bars were even more jam packed…there were 3 bars and each of them had a line before the film and even during it.

The Opera House

We sat on the 3rd floor balcony box seats giving us a view of everything

The Never Summer crew was next to us. Thanks Gags for the beers!

The crew who sat together. L-R: Dina, Gary, myself and Jay. Not pictured is Glenna

The giveaways included a variety of goodies including 2 Lib Tech boards.

The guys (Curt, Mark, and Travis) opening up the film…sorry for the shitty quality.

And the film begins…


Insane Avalanches…check

Fun times…check

Riding in a remote location…check

Travis Rice in a swimsuit…check

How a board is made and Lib Tech peeing on Burton…check

Big Mountain riding…check

Amazing snowboarding by Travis Rice…check

Jeremy Jones killing it and getting swallowed up by the mtn…check

The end of the film

This is the first snowboard movie to give me chills when watching it. The film mixes between documentary style and snowboarding…but without the rider segments or mixture of different genre music. The music in this film will definitely show you even snowboard films can have classical ballads and pull it off. Travis Rice, Curt Morgan and the whole crew really stepped it up with this film…just watching Terje, Muller and Rice ride down Alaska at the same time throwing tricks and spins like it’s nothing is just one part, each rider brings their style to the table and you see the best. It’s like watching a mix of IMAX, National Geographic and Snowboarding in one film. Not only do you see the amazing big mountain riding in amazing locations…but you see the dangers, the wildlife, the great days and the bad days. Every rider brings great riding to the table, whether its in Jackson Hole, Alaska or Snowpark New Zealand. And it’s fun to see Willie in the bluebird costume.

I’m sure watching it at home it’ll be great to re-wind and watch the epic scenes again…but in such a large scale theatre…it just blew you away.

We made our way out into the lobby where I ran into a variety of people, finally met Bru and Joel from the sierra snowboard forums, Nic Drago and his girl and was able to track down K who I was giving a ride back to Summit Co. last night.
This man here is awesome…this is Greg the CO rep for Flow. Knows his stuff, super nice and always good to see. We met through demo days, when you keep attending them and talk to the reps they start to get to know you and it’s fun to see him at SIA with the rest of the Flow boys.

Travis Rice and myself

Left the theatre and drove back to Breck for the night.

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  1. Zboy
    September 28, 2008

    Yo Shay! Pretty epic film huh? I was lookin for ya before and after but I guess the multitudes of people there made it a little tough to find anyone. We sat down on the first level too. amazing time though!

  2. Shayboarder
    September 28, 2008

    Yeah for sure! I looked around but didn’t see you. Nice yeah I was on the 3rd floor for most of it. We’ll have to meet up on the mountains this winter

  3. Green
    September 29, 2008

    It was great to finally meet. Good times. Kinda funny that we knew so many people in common but I sorta suspected we did all along.

    That mannequin got robbed right in front of the crew. It was kinda funny to watch. That’s about when they “invited” everyone to leave the Opera House.

    Great flick. Almost overwhelming.