Ready for 09/10? Atomic is!

13 Sep, 2008

Earlier this year I was able to spend the remainder of the season riding a Atomic prototype. At the time it was supposed to be a 08-09 release, but it got pushed back to being 09-10 release…and I get to say a little about it now.

Each company has their own style of reverse camber and each one rides completely different. Atomic Snowboards is no exception to that and they created a snowboard that rides entirely different than the others.
You’ll be able to check it out on the Atomic Pivot and Axum for 2009-2010 season, it won’t be the exact model I was riding…the flex will be changed but the shape will be the same. As for graphics you’ll have to wait and see!
During the time I spent on this board I was able to ride it in a lot of variable conditions and honestly in late season riding this board was a bit too much for me…I let it ride me a couple times. It took a while to adjust to the shape and the varying sidecut of the board. One of the bigger issues with reverse camber is how these boards handle carving and being able to grip the snow. I was impressed with how well Atomic’s had been designed to fully arc into each carve and hold very good edge control. You don’t feel like your riding a loose board that doesn’t hold an edge…keeping with atomic’s style it’s a poppy board. In terms of flex, that’s going to be changed a bit since the one I rode…which wasn’t a very softer or buttery reverse camber.

Here’s a quote I gave Eric from Atomic, “Your board is definitely hands down the best rocker type board to handle slush, bumps and chop.”

Just another thing to look forward to coming out with a different take on reverse camber.

Here’s a visual look at what the board looks like, without weight, flat based and in a turn.

Because it’s September 2008…months before SIA when 09-10 stuff is released…you only get to see a sneak peak of the image (about 5%).

Check back in a couple months when I can release the entire image.

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