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30 Sep, 2008

So my brothers from a european mother…launched their newly updated Snowbroader site. I’m stoked to see the guys back from their long summer vacation which they worked hard on getting their site completed and back in full swing. Kudos Nico and Phil!

Here’s the press release below which sums up everything.

SnowBroader launches the first, 100% snowboard focused, Premium Snowboard Blog Network!

Geneva, September 29th 2008 – In just two years, – the European Snowboard Blog! has emerged in the snowboard media galaxy as a favorite news source for many riders looking for fresh and always up-todate snowboarding related information.

With an intact passion and dedication, and strong of the experience, credibility, and traffic gained, SnowBroader is back and has grown into the first, 100% snowboard focused, Premium Snowboard Blog Network!”

When we created our blog,, two years ago our objective was simple: bring people closer to the action and show the true spirit of snowboarding.” says site co-founder Nico. “Today, the natural next step for us is to give the power of blogging to all the people who make up our industry and lifestyle so they can do it too. We want to give them the chance to interact directly with our audience: people who really care about snowboarding and the content they will publish! We are simply providing them a tool to do it: a PROblog hosted on our Premium Snowboard Blog Network!”

SnowBroader’s niche hosted blogging service is exclusively available for premium partners such as brands, riders, film production crews, photographers, events, contests, and snowparks. Therefore it focuses on delivering quality content directly from industry actors to the snowboard community through highly visual communication channel: PROblogs! For a brand, stocked in between a “heavy to manage” institutional website and a diluted MySpace or Facebook page, a PROblog is a great opportunity to create true affinity with riders; for a professional rider it’s a good way to market himself online and please both fans and sponsors, for a photographer it can be a gallery to showcase his art but also get some feedback on his work; for a film crew a way to involve people while they are shooting for their up and coming video; for a snowpark the possibility to keep riders informed on the park’s conditions, contests or parties and get their opinion on what they would like to see happen there.”

In all the cases, PROblogs are mainly an opportunity to keep it real! Be natural, informal, raw, simply yourself…and get a direct feedback from our community!” says site co-founder Phil. “For our readers, it is a unique way to get a true feel of the lifestyle, and to interact with real people from the snowboard scene. That’s pretty unique and definitely a small revolution!”

Today SnowBroader already features PROblogs from the World Snowboard Day, the TTR World Tour, professional photographer Christian Brecheis, pro-riders Cyril Neri, Tj Schneider and Anne-Flore Marxer, film crews Storbis, Isenseven and Pirates, and brands such Les Ettes, FST Handwear, Eesa and Aaven snowboards; with many more to come!

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