Snowmaking begins at Loveland

24 Sep, 2008

My favorite early and late season mountain has now started snowmaking to get ready for another early season in Colorado. I love riding Loveland, seriously one of the best mountains for on-snow demo’s that I’ve ever been at and when the entire mountain is open (and it’s not a windy day), the snowboarding out of the gates is amazing on a powder day and the best part…is the lack of lift lines and people compared to other CO resorts.

Here’s to just a couple weeks before the mountains are open in Colorado!

Some words from Loveland’s myspace:

Our snowmaking crew from New Zealand arrived just the other day and we put them to work right away. Conditions were perfect for snowmaking last night so we fired up the guns and made snow for the first time this season. Check out some of the pictures taken this morning on our snowmaking status page. We will continue to make snow as often as possible although everything is still dependant on Mother Nature.
While we still have a few weeks before we open, we will concentrate on upholding our high coverage standard; a minimum 18 inch base, tree-to-tree, top to bottom. We will update our Snowmaking Status page frequently, so be sure to check it out our progress as it happens.
Check out all the updates at:
http://www. skiloveland. com/snowmaking/default. aspx

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  1. Lou G.
    September 24, 2008

    Dang you must be so stoked!

    I’m moving to Frisco in early December and since I live in Southern California I’m thinking that will probably be the first time I get to ride this season.

    The more I hear about how CO is already getting snow and now they are just a few weeks from opening day at Loveland… why can’t I be moving there sooner!

    Get some shredding in for those less fortunate, yah?

  2. Shayboarder
    September 25, 2008

    Awesome Lou you are moving to Frisco, cool town right in a good location for a couple resorts.

    Yep I’ll definitely be riding soon. I have a agreement with my boss that every year on opening day for the first CO I can take it off and opening day for Steamboat. Just a nice perk of the job.

  3. Anonymous
    September 25, 2008

    another california gaper moving to the mountains….just another reason to ride backcountry……

  4. Lou G.
    September 25, 2008


    whatever you say cool guy.

  5. Shayboarder
    September 25, 2008

    Don’t worry it’s just another person hating on fellow riders. It happens and it sucks that there are negative people who find that bashing others makes them feel better. Don’t let it get to you.