Endeavor Snowboards Launches Next Top Rider Competition

14 Oct, 2008

Got a sponsor me video you have lying around and want to live the life of luxury being a professional snowboarder…try this contest!


Endeavor Snowboards has launched the “Endeavor’s Next Top Rider” competition, an opportunity for snowboarders to prove that they can make it in the competitive, high-stakes world of professional snowboarding. Applicants submit their sponsor-me video online and the snowboarding community determines the competition finalists.

“This competition gives us an opportunity to get the snowboarding community’s input on who should be Endeavor’s Next Top Rider,” says Max Jenke, Endeavor’s Managing Director. “It’s always hard choosing riders to sponsor and a challenge in determining who is worthy. This competition gives an opportunity to those riders who we wouldn’t normally know about to show their skills. It also puts the onus on the community to decide our short list of riders to choose from.”

Submissions must be made through the Transworld Snowboarding website (www.twsnow.com) by registering then loading videos with the ENTR in the tag line. Submission deadline is December 1st and PROP deadline is December 15th. Submissions will be ranked by PROP value given by Transworld Online community members and the top 6 ranked videos will win full 2009/10 setups from Endeavor Snowboards.

The top 6 riders then film bio videos to be submitted March 1st. The top two riders chosen by the panel of


  • Transworld Staff Photographer Scott Serfas
  • Endeavor CEO Max Jenke
  • Pro Rider Jacob Koia
  • Pro Rider Johnny Lyall
  • Endeavor Sales and Marketing Manager Jordan Brown

The top riders will ride with the judges for a weekend at a location to be confirmed at the end of March. One rider will be chosen at the end of the weekend to be ENDEAVOR’S NEXT TOP RIDER. This rider will be given a one year contract with Endeavor Snowboards, including snowboards, outerwear, layering, and streetwear, travel budget, photo incentives, and participate in a photoshoot with the Endeavor team and photographer Scott Serfas.

For more information on this contest, click http://endeavorsnowboards.com/entr/entr.html


The word Endeavor is defined as: (v) try hard to do or achieve something / (n) an attempt to achieve a goal / earnest and industrious effort, esp. when sustained over a period of time.

Endeavor Snowboards was founded in 2002 by a Canadian crew of riders and friends who wanted a brand that represented them – their interests, their inspirations, their lifestyle. Since then, Endeavor Snowboards have appeared on covers of the most prestigious snowboarding magazines, won countless board test awards for riding excellence, and worked with some of the most prestigious and innovative artists in the world.

Our mission statement is simple: make the best snowboards in the world and always endeavor.



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  1. Anonymous
    October 17, 2008

    hopefully they can find some riders…. most of the team has jumped ship!