Loveland 10/18/08

18 Oct, 2008

With two mountains open in Colorado there’s no reason not to ride when the opportunity arises.  Here in Colorado it was a beautiful sunny day to make the drive to Loveland to enjoy another day on snow.  

I came down with Steve to enjoy the snow.  Steve just got his new Rome Targa’s so he was stoked to try them out and I switched up the bindings for my Raiden Tigre’s.
We showed up to Loveland at 9am and found that it wasn’t that busy.  In fact it wasn’t busy all day long.  We never waited in a lift line and never had to deal with that many people on the slopes.   If you gotta choose between the two open mountains right now, Loveland is the better choice.
Me at Loveland

I’m going to put up the Raiden Tigre review after I have a couple more days on them.  However I am stoked because I have two great sets of bindings, mens and women’s, soft and stiffer to ride with.  
Snowboarding over dirt

Myself and Steve causing shenanigans with our pow gloves

No lines…thank you Loveland!

The morning was crusty hard packed snow but made it great for hauling fast down.  By the mid morning it got a bit warmer and more people showed up but still no lines.
One of the reasons I really like early season at Loveland is there is a ton of natural terrain for fun.  Whether it’s rollers or tree bonks or the wall rides on the sides of trails…it’s plain fun.  This is my favorite spot around a sharp corner where there are trees, rocks and you can just ride up it.  

Here’s a shot of Steve flying snow everywhere on his 360

Here’s a shot of me doing a tail press on the wall

So the day ended on a somber note…we kept riding the wallride and making laps.  When I was being a dumbass and spraying Steve with snow, I caught an edge and tumbled…tweaking my ankle a little bit.    

I was able to put weight on it and ride down but since it’s early season, we decided to end the day and let me go home to elevate and ice versus deal with a worse injury later on.  

The drive home through the desert before Steamboat…the yeti sticker on Steve’s car is sick.

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  1. MelbaToasted
    October 20, 2008

    dope shot of you and your tail press, chica… nice style

  2. George
    October 21, 2008

    Hey! Looked like a good day! Im from England so will have to wait alot longer till i can get on the snow! What did steve think of the targas?

  3. Shayboarder
    October 21, 2008

    Thanks it was a fun day! Still working on my style though, haha.

    I’ll let Steve answer that question about the targa’s for you.

  4. Steve
    October 21, 2008

    Hey George,
    From the moment you pick up the Targa, you can tell its a burly binding. It rode the same way too. Pretty stiff even without any of the flex inserts, although I havent had a chance to really dial them in yet with only one day riding. I like them already though and would certainly recommend them. Let me know if you want more specifics…