Loveland 10/26/08

26 Oct, 2008

We were planning to ride A-Basin today but with such a beautiful day and less people at Loveland yesterday, we ended up back at Loveland.  It was a definitely busier today but still more ride time than lift line time.  
The view of Loveland surrounding people strapping in.  

The lift lines weren’t too bad 

Spent the morning making laps down the two open runs on the mountain.   For a while it was a mine field…I guess the beginners decided today was a perfect day to learn.   I really wish people would take at least a lesson on how to turn and stop before going out to the masses on the hill.

Bru coming down the run.  I met Bru through and finally got the chance to ride with him.   

Around lunch time I got a call from a friend who was in the parking lot.  My friends Amy, John and Jakub had drove down and saw my truck a couple rows ahead.  We took a break from riding to head down, meet up with them and enjoy their fine BBQ in the parking lot skills.  Best beer and burger ever!

Myself and Bru in the parking lot

So one thing I love in Colorado is the massive amount of one-pieces.  I collect photos throughout the year for the gaper hunt post and was stoked to get the first one-piece shot of the year.

Amy was riding her NS Infinity
I convinced Jakub to ride my NS Evo-R which I brought down for the day so someone could ride it.  I should have warned him about the first press on a rocker.  Every time I have seen someone do the first press on a rocker board, it’s usually a crash because you put more into it than you need to.   He spent the afternoon buttering and pressing down the runs, after getting over the initial getting used to how it rode.

When I ride I take photos from my perspective, here’s one of those shots where I held the camera behind me while riding and captured my friends behind me and my line in the snow.

Here’s looking at Tom.  Taking a photo of his goggle reflection while waiting in line.

Finally towards the end of the day caught up with Lauren and Adrian to make some turns. They came up from Denver and hit up Basin which had super long lines and came over to Loveland for the late afternoon.
The natural terrain to jump over, bonk and do whatever with is always fun.  I skipped it but here’s Adrian and Lauren charging.
We closed out the mountain, riding Loveland until 4pm and got to watch as the snow machines were blowing snow on the 2nd chair.  Lets hope for cold temperatures and more snow so more terrain can open up.

My ankle felt a lot better today during riding but I didn’t push it either.  By next weekend I should be back to 100%.

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    October 26, 2008

    Could you please review Bruizza for me? I’m wondering if he is really all talk and no game. Thanks 😉

  2. Shayboarder
    October 26, 2008

    Well I guess his girlfriend broke up with him for riding with me today. I might be making a sticker out of that. Poor guy…good first day back on snow for him and he made it to the afternoon.