The Meeting in Aspen

05 Oct, 2008

Over the last couple days, Aspen held “The Meeting” which is “the premier gathering of snowsports filmmakers, athletes, sponsors, media and fans, will reconvene in Aspen, Colo. October 2 – 5, 2008.”
This was my first year attending the event and I was really stoked to get a press credential to attend on Saturday.  I had my friend K come with me for the journey out to Aspen where we’d spend the day hanging out in town before the premieres.  

Saturday’s film premieres were Mack Dawg Productions “Double Decade” and “Down with People” at the Wheeler Opera House in Aspen.  Later in the evening were two ski films and the Bluebird and Rome premieres but I was only in town for the Mack Dawg Premieres.

We came into Aspen around 11am to check in at the Sky Hotel.  In the lobby I found Nic Drago and Mark Carter chilling.  I parked the truck so K and I could join Nic at an internet cafe to check emails, websites and get coffee.  We talked about upcoming products like the Grenade footwear with the CO/WY grenade rep who stopped by and about the Nike snowboard boots coming out.  Later Mark joined us and we went to some snowboard shops to check out the boots.  I walked away with some new Vans shoes (on sale) while in town.  The guys went back to the hotel and we went on our way just hanging out in town.
Aspen.  I think we sat for a good 2 hours just watching people walk around town.  People watching is fun especially when there is such an eclectic group of people to watch.

K and Shay


The Mack Dawg Premiers were at 5pm and 6pm in the opera house.  The first film was “Down with People”. 

“Down with People” featured a lot of up and coming riders…you might or might not have heard their names yet…but you will eventually.  These are the riders taking over and growing into their own.  I walked away stoked on Mendenhall’s and Fountain’s parts, and stoked to see Zac Marben proving his worth and me wanting more of him riding.  Sno-rev has a good review of the film that I agree with completely.  The highlight and really funniest shit is the end credits…where pros like JP Walker, Todd Richards, Jeremy Jones talk hilarious shit and close it out the best way you can…making it funny.
After the film there was a short break to get more beverages and hang out.  K and I ran into the Jackson Hole boys…Willie, Mark and Jesse.  It was cool seeing everyone again since hanging out with them for the Bluebird premiere in Jackson Hole.  I also was able to meet Gabe L’ Heureux who introduced the “Down with People” film. I did one of the Industry Profiles with him this summer.  Most of the Industry Profiles were done through email and some of them were people I had never met, Gabe I’d never met and finally got the chance.  
Then it was time for the “Double Decade” premiere.  The film celebrates the 20 years that MDP has been making snowboard films.  Next for MDP will be a Peter Line documentary and then we’ll see what happens in the future for them…they announced in August their intent to stop making annual snowboard films.  Needless to say they ended the annual shred flicks on a high note…”Double Decade” features great riders that have been doing this year after year.  I heard Eero had a great opening part and I agreed but it wasn’t my favorite, Lauri and Willie won my heart over with their riding…especially Willie’s new way of stomping one footed tricks.  I was like “um….what the hell was that!” and really caught my attention.  For the first time this year I saw a really creative take to snowboard films, Jussi’s section with the grass roots “lets live for today” playing featured an artistic take to daily life, an honest take on snowboarding and really a humbling part to what life is like without snowboarding.  
Both films offered up a good mix of riding and music and it’ll be sad to see MDP step out of the picture for snowboard films but I know the guys from People and other films will step up and keep the shred progression going.
The Meeting was a fun time and it was great to see new and old faces.  Looking forward to watching the films over and over on dvd now.

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