One in a McMillion

02 Oct, 2008

My first encounter with Willie McMillion was on the drive up to Jackson Hole where I overheard a conversation of him talking to Drago about “dick holes.” I made it to Jackson prepared for every possible thing he could say and found out more than “dick holes” about Willie. If you don’t know Willie, he’s that guy who created good wax, speaks the truth (whether cussing or not) and got fired for his commentating at Quiksilver’s Natural Selection. 

So needless to say…I wanted to do a interview with him to catch up on what he’s up to. Here’s a glimpse into the un-edited, upfront world of Willie.


Shay: Who is Willie McMillion?

Willie: hold on, let me take some acid, i’ll get right back to that.

Shay: Is it hard to work and play in Jackson, Wyoming?

Willie: no, i got this shit dialed.

Shay: How did you get your start in the snowboard industry?

Willie: i grew up poor and hand to fend for myself. so i rubbed two pennies together and made a dime.

Shay: What are some changes you would like to see with the snowboard industry?

Willie: i would like to see kids abandon these giant outsider corporations and start supporting real rider owned brands. i would also like to see snowboarders not being such pussies.

Shay: What’s the story behind Bluebird Wax?

Willie: it started in my kitchen with $300.

Shay: How did you come up with the name and logo?

Willie: well, i stole the logo off of the mac keyboard. what else was i gonna call it?

Shay: Bluebird’s official slogan is “Snowboarding…it was better when you hated us.” What are the reasons behind that slogan?

Willie: all the dick head skiers that used to start fights with us in the lift lines are now all snowboarding and making money off of our lifestyle.

Shay: What makes Bluebird wax different than the others?

Willie: we are the real deal.

Shay: What’s the secret to waxing with Bluebird wax?

Willie: scrape it while its still warm. or dont scrape at all.

Shay: Bluebird wax has a massive collection of team riders, how did you acquire them?

Willie: they are all friends i have met along the way.

Shay: Who do you like riding with and collaborating with?

Willie: guch, makens, rice, tim remierez

Shay: Some pro riders have their own signature waxes, do the pros select the wax and designs?

Willie: no. i say is this cool? and they say yes.

Shay: What’s your wax of choice?

Willie: our all temp.

Shay: What companies use Bluebird for their factory wax?

Willie: rome, omatic, libtech on rices board. solid, who else?

Shay: How sweet is the bluebird waxing room at The Block hotel?

Willie: i heard likos in jail.

Shay: With the return of Solid Snowboards, you have a Bluebird Collaboration board with them…what went into designing that snowboard?

Willie: rankin and i cooked it up.

Shay: This year you commentated at Quilsilver’s Natural Selection, how did you get hooked up with that sweet gig?

Willie: rice.

Shay: How would you describe your style of commentating?

Willie: 8 people laugh, 2 people cry.

Shay: The commentary is available on bluebird film’s bonus clips, where you left your camera filming the whole thing…what are your thoughts on the whole experience?

Willie: all the people who were pissed need to get a sense of humor.

Shay: Any future plans for commentating?

Willie: fuck no.

Shay: What was the inspiration for creating a Bluebird film this year?

Willie: i wanted to show character, not trick, trick trick.
Shay: What was your favorite part that came from the Bluebird filming?

Willie: showing the movie to all the people who turned us down for sponsorship.

Shay: What are your future plans?

Willie: to get snowboarding back in the hands of snowboarders.


Check out more of Bluebird Wax for upcoming events, news.


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  1. Zboy
    October 02, 2008

    Couldn’t stop laughing when I heard this quote from him during natural selection…

    “I heard these riders each got paid 9 grand just to be here. They’ve pretty much already won. I mean, you could drop in, shit your pants, wreck, tomahawk all the way to the bottom, and you’re a winner.”

    Nice interview!