Picking up some softgoods

27 Oct, 2008

Last week I was applauded by my local Fedex guy for helping the economy out, literally he thanked me.

So here’s a couple items I picked up for myself in support of helping the economy.  This year I have a collection of Rome, 686, Never Summer, Burton soft goods.  

Rome Gnarly T-shirt

  • Retail: $21.95
  • Color: White
  • My Thoughts: Just a sweet design and something I’m wearing right now actually.  

Rome Invert Hoodie

  • Retail: $75.00
  • Color: Reversible
  • My Thoughts: I learned how sweet reversible hoodies are last year at SIA. You can wear the same hoodie days in a row and just keep switching it up. I picked up this one by Rome to continue the tradition of packing less and actually looking like I changed clothes.

Rome Flask

  • Retail: $15.00
  • Color: Cream
  • My Thoughts: 3 years and the flask was always gone before I could get it. But this year I got it in time and am still admiring it’s goodness to quench my thirst on the mountain…with Gatorade of course.

Rome Elwood Sunglasses

  • Retail: $24.00
  • Color: Black
  • My Thoughts: I have a hard time finding sunglasses that fit my face, because of my nose…but these actually fit decently so I grabbed them up to try out.

Burton Glacier Pack (36L)

  • Retail: $124.95
  • Color: Electroclash
  • My Thoughts: I hate the color but for my pack I’m gonna use in the backcountry it made sense to invest in a bright color you could see. After I spend some time using it…I’ll put up a review.

Burton Sydney Hold All Laptop Bag

  • Retail: $49.95
  • Color: Black Square Dots
  • My Thoughts: When it first arrived I thought it was too big for what I needed. But then I put in my notebooks, planner, laptop and I can still fit my lunch inside it on the way to work. I use it every day and so far no complaints, pocket space and looks good. I also can stuff things into it to be a sweet overnight bag. The big plus is it technically counts as a purse so when I fly on the airlines, I get to be one of those ladies with the package and purse (more stuff to bring without paying more).

Burton Mountain Man T-shirt

  • Retail: $20.00
  • Color: Red
  • My Thoughts: What can I say…it has a yeti/mountain man on it.

Spacecraft Religion Wallet

  • Retail: $24.95
  • My Thoughts: I gotta support Spacecraft and they make killer wallets that always get compliments on the designs. This year I picked up the religion wallet which has some awesome images including the Space Needle…little reminder of back home. Lots of space for money, credit cards and keeping business cards in there.

That’s just a couple things, I have some new 686 t-shirts and Never Summer t-shirts/hoodies around as well.  

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  1. FreshPow.ca
    October 28, 2008

    Hey Shay,
    Love the flask, after three years, its worth it! Have fun with your “Gatorade”.

  2. martinboards
    October 28, 2008

    holy crap that is a heck of a shopping spree you went on.. I think this year I will pick up some new bindings 🙂