Rocking 686 this season

12 Oct, 2008

Fall time is my Christmas time, it’s when I pick up my gear for the season and hope it lasts the whole season.  Typically pants only last one year for me and jackets last a couple seasons.  

I picked up 686 this season, I only needed pants but decided to step it up and purchase a jacket just in case.  Colorado riding can be really cold (in the negatives) or warmer ( 30-40’s) so I picked up the smarty series to change up for the temperature changes.  The 686 smarty series features layers, the pants have a inner liner which is comfy and also work as pajama pants.  The jacket features a fleece and a vest that you can zip into the jacket or remove.  
In this picture the 686 Smarty 2.5 ply men’s jacket in white digi print, 686 Smarty Original Cargo pants in navy and my coal Waffle W beanie.
I wear men’s outerwear…really for one reason.  No snowboard company makes outerwear for curvy women.  Women’s outerwear is awesome when it fits…but typically it’s shorter so a jacket only goes to my waist and lets be honest…having snow in my pants or my ass showing when I strap into my bindings is not fun.   
I really see a gap in the industry, companies offer tall sizes, small sizes and bigger sizes for men…but when it comes to women, nothing for curvier women out there.  It sucks that female specific companies don’t even fill that gap, they make it smaller by offering sizes that are even smaller than normal.  I’m not the only curvy female snowboarder…I might be one of few with a voice on the internet…but I’m not the only one.  
Regardless, here’s to another season of men’s outerwear and enjoying the goods that 686 has to offer for outerwear.  

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    October 12, 2008

    686 has definitely been the best outerwear from my experience. I love the smarty system. I wear the track pants all winter long. I put 70 days in and my gear is still looking good for next season, which is good because their smarty line can be pricey, but from what I have seen should easily last for years.

    Hopefully that kit will be seen ripping up the utah slopes this year!

  2. Lou G.
    October 12, 2008


    Plumbers crack can be a huge inconvenience, that’s why I rock the oversized.

  3. Anonymous
    October 12, 2008

    Amen. I think you should definitely continue voicing your opinion on how limited the clothing industry is for womens and maybe some brands will decide to stop being so narrow minded.

  4. DrJuice
    October 13, 2008

    I know we have spoken about this offline but thanks for the vote for curvy women!
    We need more options!