A snowboard company bites the dust…

22 Oct, 2008

So today I stumbled across the news that Colorado based snowboard company Lucid Notion announcing that it is no longer.

I’ve known of Lucid Notion for a couple years, one of the more active opinionated snowboard companies out there on snowboard forums. Snowboard forums are tough and when it’s obvious you work for a company, it’s hard to be taken seriously and often leads to heated debates as Lucid encountered a couple times. I never rode the boards, but have seen them around Colorado. In the end it’s another snowboard company ending it’s run.

I do owe Dan a huge thanks for helping me when linking from Snowboard Mag in the beginning, without him…I wouldn’t have gotten as much traffic from there.

Good luck to the guys future endeavor’s.

But at least we tried….


So as many people have suspected, The Lucid Notion Snowboard Company is “essentially” no longer, and it is with a heavy heart directed toward snowboarding in general that we personally confirm this rumor.

Here is the news relevant to the companies demise:

1) We lost a major distributor.
2) Due to that… we incurred amazing debt with manufacturers and advertisers.
3) We were unable to bring about the funding that would bring us back into the “black” after such hardship.

So here is where it goes from now:

Scotty has moved on into the area of “Network Marketing” which is beyond any comprehension of any sane human… but good luck Scotty!

Daniel is back in college and has teamed up with some talented people that believe starting a brewery would be a great idea in today’s tough economic times.

Ryan just welcomed his first child to the world… and is focused entirely on making sure his kid can snowboard. (even though he can’t walk yet.)

The team of riders that represented the brand on a contractual basis over the years are the most beloved part of why Lucid Notion attempted to do what it did…

Thank you sincerely for loving snowboarding enough for us to go into great debt (both financially and literally) so your voices could be heard.

Everyone that was once involved in The Lucid Notion Snowboard Company wishes everyone else a great season! We all should be having fun…

Your friends at The Lucid Notion Snowboard Company

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  1. Anonymous
    October 23, 2008

    that samurai graphic was dope.

  2. Dan S
    October 27, 2008

    I met Dan and thought he was a huge douche-bag. I wish I could have met the rest of the guy’s involved otherwise…Good riddance. If they really wanted to make money, the should have gotten into soft goods. Hardgoods are a tough sell with small margins.