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10 Oct, 2008

I understand how easy it is to download films and yet I have never downloaded a snowboard film. Each year while I would love to buy a lot of films…some years I am limited to what I buy and support. In the end I continue to support snowboard films by paying for them.
Regardless how you want to package it…it’s stealing. Earlier this year I had someone come to my blog and steal all my photos from SIA, put their own watermark over it and feel that it was okay to not give me credit for it. I understand this is 2008 and it’s easy to grab anything you want on the internet…but does that make it right? No it doesn’t…it’s still stealing from someone else. I don’t walk up to a resort and yank someone’s Burton board because I think I deserve to have it for free. It’s just another way of stealing from another shredder and we all know that it’s not just films getting stolen today.

I didn’t always think that way about downloading and who it would impact. I used to be one of those people downloading music but with the launch of itunes and magically the instant loss of my songs in my itunes, I changed my direction. I now longer have a program on my laptop that allows me to download and everything on my ipod now is from itunes or cd’s.

I understand it’s easy to get it for free versus paying for it. But realistically all you are doing is hurting the people behind it, who bring it to you , who work hard all winter to create this film. It’s awesome to see companies put out free videos, but the level of filming, locations, riding, riders is not even comparable to movies that you pay for…and to go and steal that from them without paying…doesn’t make the future of snowboard films any brighter.

Last year I bought only two snowboard films, Rome’s Any Means and Absinthe Optimistic. I attended film premieres to see a couple others but in the end, those were the only two that I could afford to put money down for at the time. This year I stepped it up and bought a couple films that I wanted to keep and own. I also knew that my friends would want to watch and see them.

Here’s what I bought this year:

Bluebird Movie – $18.45
Let It Ride – $19.45
Stack Footy – $21.45
Ready – $26.45 *
That’s It, That’s All – $26.45*
No Correct Way – $24.95*

Price I paid knowing I’m supporting Snowboard films Total: $100+

For three of those films, I received a discount or discount code to pick them up. I will probably pick up two others as well. I had a friend over a couple days ago to watch Ready and when I called another friend up about coming over…he had already bought it.

In a recent Transworld Business article, Mike Lewis discusses the latest trend in stealing snowboard films. It is worth checking out the article and the comments by fellow shredders. This is an issue that needs to be discussed and fixed, whether it’s changing how snowboard films are made or other changes that haven’t been discussed yet.

The members of Burton Community have a discussion going on the pirating of snowboard films and in response to Mike Lewis’ article. Some really good points are being brought up regarding downloading, justifications and ideas for the future.

As a user of Itunes, I would like to see more shred flicks make their way to Itunes available for download. I have paid to download Forum’s “That” and was really stoked to purchase a snowboard dvd that way. Through Itunes I also watch FUEL TV and Snowboard Realms, and would pay a price to continue watching those. It would be cool to see that way of paying to download snowboard films becoming more mainstream.

We’ll see what comes of snowboard films…I would like to see the high end films continue to be made, continue to be supported and snowboarders not stealing from each other.

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  1. Anonymous
    October 10, 2008

    also a pretty good thread about this over at TGR forums.

    I do feel TWS biz did the industry a diservice annoucning this website the public as this once small website is now activily growing.

  2. Lou G.
    October 10, 2008


    but it also turned into a huge witch hunt.

    Now that the name is out, everyone who knows anything about shutting crap like this down is doing something about it.

    Shay, I feel the exact same way about movies. It’s a bummer because I rarely am able to spend the extra money that I could save for gear/food/life etc…. but that’s when I just watch my friends copies. Haha.

  3. Anonymous
    October 10, 2008

    FAKE_ISSUE AKA I call bullshit:
    the movies aren’t worth stealing… haven’t been, for oh i dunno about ten years.

    next issue.

  4. Anonymous
    October 10, 2008

    if the MPA (movie picture association) is having trouble shutting down torrent sites, i find it very hard to believe the action sports industry is going to have better luck.

  5. Lou G.
    October 10, 2008

    You’re right.

    The industry isn’t going to be able to stop it…even if we shut down this site another one would present itself.

    The only way is for snowboarders to respect the hard work of fellow snowboarders.

  6. sam
    October 12, 2008

    companies need to realize there are better ways to distribute than through traditional routes. i think forum and stepchild are leading the way in preventing downloading by just making it available to purchase through itunes or their own website at the same time time as their dvd release.
    companies like mack dawg and standard cite illegal downloading for reasons to close shop. but then they don’t do anything to prevent it. ground shipping from mack dawg’s website for one dvd costs 10 bucks! thats highway robbery! no wonder kids torrent these vids.

  7. Paul
    October 13, 2008

    Oh c’mon, the article on TWBiz is pretty lame and looks more like a complaint – ‘look what this arrogant thieves answred to me!’
    Turns out to be more of the announcement of the tracker to the people who didn’t know ’bout it. No disrespect, but I mean it could’ve been more of an article highlighting the real facts and problems caused.