TGR’s “Under the Influence” premiere in Steamboat Springs

11 Oct, 2008

So last night in Steamboat Springs, Colorado was the first film premiere of the season. Thanks to the Steamboat Mountain Film Festival we get a couple movies to watch in our resort town. TGR Films are always the popular film premiere in Steamboat with all the die-hards coming out of the woodwork.
I gotta admit it’s fun to attend film premieres in your own town…you know that it’s acceptable to bring your own beer, that the locals will scream and cheer on the movie and that after the movie you’ve got friends heading to the bars and will eventually find your way home safely.
TGR is a ski/snowboard film with some great skiers and snowboarders. The snowboarders featured were Jeremy Jones, Victoria Jealous (who I must say got a lot of hoots from the men in the premiere) and Gigi Ruf.
Steph and the gang checking people in for the raffle and selling tickets to the show

You gotta get past this guy to get in…he’s tough

The Steamboat Grand Hotel…a bit too nice but luckily they put up with us

Tara and myself…Tara is a hard core tele skier.

Mike Martin introducing the film and the big guy behind the film festival. He runs MMP films and does a great job each year showcasing some amazing Steamboat skiing. He was also one of my industry profiles this summer, since he runs the CMC Ski & Business program.

Mike and Kyle (aka balls) passing out freebies

The crowd…they really wanted the freebies

And Under the Influence begins…

I thought I had seen some good openers so far but you know sometimes one movie will just kill it…it’s just that step above the others. TGR killed it with the opener which was more about what he was skiing and getting dropped on, than the actual skiing.
It’s hard to tell…but the image above and below are really thin steep walls. Just blows your mind watching it and these pictures don’t do justice at all.

Steeps to die for

A lot of the TGR film was done in Jackson Hole whether in bounds or backcountry…and it was sweet to watch.
As always powder shots like this get Steamboat crowd riled up for winter…that’s what it looks like here in the winter, epic powder face shots each run.

Gigi Ruf

I gotta give TGR props…there is some amazing skiing at the end by the paraplegic skier.

Myself and Kyle and our drinks taking over

After the film, hung out with friends before carrying our crowd into the bars. It was a good night in Steamboat and enjoyed a fun time getting home.

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