Binding Review: 08-09 Salomon Relay-Elite

14 Nov, 2008

Location: Loveland, Colorado

Snow Conditions: Snowing with hardpacked groomers to icy groomers to fresh snow on the runs.

Setup: I rode the Salomon relay-elite bindings on the Salomon Sick Stick and Salomon Sanchez with my Vans Omni Focus boots.

Time to set up the binding: Average time

Fit: The ankle strap was centered and adjusted to my boot. The toe strap when I took it out with the Sanchez kept slipping over my toe no matter how tight I got it. I adjusted the toe strap to the inner hole when I took out the Sick Stick which made it better and not slipping during riding. However the toe strap really doesn’t fit my boots that well.

First Impression: The toe strap and me hate each other.

Appearance: Kind of reminded me of curtains that my grandma would like. They aren’t bad looking, I just think they have more flare than they need.

Comfort: The ankle strap is pretty bulky but a good soft flexing strap against the boot. The highback fit my boot shape and the baseplate cover offers padding beneath the toes and heels making it a very comfortable ride down the slopes.

Functionality: Despite some extra flare on the binding that you didn’t need, the functionality has gotten better. It offers tool free strap adjustment but I didn’t mess around with the adjustment except on the toe strap I needed to move it to the inner hole to make it fit my boot better.

Flex: The women’s relay-e had a stiffer highback offering stable flex and hold when riding on heel edge…that was my favorite part of the bindings was being able to drive onto my heels and hold it. It had a softer lateral flex which I liked so I could lean and drive into turns.

Response: Quicker response with the highback and relay system which really was nice when riding. I had no problems driving onto my heels into the turns and holding it without washing out. Whether it was pressing on the toes or heels, I’d have instant response for turning.

Toe Strap: I really had to crank it down and I didn’t feel confident that it fit my boot at all. It surprises me cause the toe strap is pretty big and so for it not to fit is surprising. Somehow with my Vans Omni focus boots…it wasn’t the best fit to my boot and the only binding that I really struggled with to get it to work.

Overall Impression: I liked the padding on the toe and heel of the baseplate, very comfortable to ride on and absorbed the chattery bumps. They are a comfortable binding, the ankle strap reminds me of flux, rather bulky but with good comfortable support. I’ve been warming up to the relay system, definitely some plusses but unfortunately that toe strap just hates me.

Shay’s Honesty Box: The toe strap frustrated me and it shouldn’t. Whether I rocked it as cap or over…it just didn’t work with my boots. Either I need to sit down and spend more time to adjust them or just move on. Definitely something I think could be improved.

On-snow Photos

Salomon Women’s Relay-Elite Description


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  1. razzi
    November 15, 2008

    God those toe straps look shitty. Have you tried this year’s Rome Madisons? I’m thinking about picking some up…

  2. Deefor
    November 15, 2008

    I almost got those but the toe strap didn’t look like it would stay put in the store. Salomon bindings fit pretty well with my Salomon boots. I ended up buying last year’s Poison bindings. Used them last week and they were great. Toe strap stayed put.


  3. Anonymous
    November 15, 2008

    I am agree with the toe straps…
    Cause I have a Relay Pro and it is for sell…Other than that, Relay worst pretty good… a bit more freestyle oriented than Freeride…
    Just hate the bulky feeling…
    Prefer my Biscuit (Bent Metal) or my Drake Mentor…

  4. Shayboarder
    November 15, 2008

    Hey Razzi,

    Yep have tried the madisons a couple times. Here’s the write up I did

    I re-rode them last weekend and the strap didn’t rip but I was more careful when cranking my ratchet so it wouldn’t get stuck.

    Yeah I’ll have to try the poisons this year, relay-e’s just weren’t cutting it with that toe strap.

    I’ll try the men’s models someday to see if they are better than the women’s relay.

  5. Anonymous
    February 12, 2009

    I’m so glad I came across your blog! I’m in the market for new bindings. I bought the Salomon Elite Relay last year and had the EXACT same problem with the toe strap. It had no excuse to not fit my boot since they were the Salomon F22’s which are made to fit the Elite Relay. They also felt bulky and weren’t as smooth to strap in. I ended up going back to the lower grade model that I had, the Salomon Antidote. But I now going back, I do feel the difference with the lower end model. I don’t feel as strapped in now that I’ve ridden the Relay. I felt a better response in the the Relays. But I hate the toe strap and bulkiness of the bindings, I am researching again. Any recommendations?

  6. Shayboarder
    February 14, 2009

    Yeah I’m surprised it isn’t more common or maybe people get used to it.

    What size boots are you rocking? Are you looking for women specific and what terrain do you usually ride?

  7. Deefor
    February 26, 2009

    I had trouble later this season with the Poison toe strap slipping on my back foot. (Other one was fine) Finally fixed it by moving the toe strap so it is all the over my big toe side. Weird but it works. \


  8. Deefor
    February 26, 2009

    I had trouble later this season with the Poison toe strap slipping on my back foot. (Other one was fine) Finally fixed it by moving the toe strap so it is all the over my big toe side. Weird but it works. \


  9. Shayboarder
    February 26, 2009

    Thanks Dee for your input on it, that’s good to know I’ll definitely try that next time I ride them.