Copper 11/16/08

16 Nov, 2008

Amy and I drove down to ride Copper today.  It turned out to be a busy day on the slopes but a beautiful day out with demos to choose from. 

Every ride up the chair, I checked out the mound of snow soon to be Copper’s halfpipe.  Copper usually has the first halfpipe in the United States and I really like riding halfpipe. 
The base area was packed with demo tents giving skiers and riders a chance to try out new gear. Reverse Cambers were very popular and constantly out on the mountain.  
The lines were long and the runs open were pretty packed at Copper today.  It’s good riding another mountain but riding Copper in the early season always is not as fun as the other mountains.  
The main reason is the safety people to control the speed of skiers and riders coming down in a populated run.  I understand it completely, but at the same time…I should see fairness.  I typically see the ski racers flying down the run without being yelled at and I’m being waved to slow down.  Or better yet, I should have pulled out the camera to record the safety person who was flying down the run herself, faster than everyone else.   If you want to put rules in place on the mountain, treat everyone the same.  
People can ski and ride in control and be safe.  Even with safety people, I saw more people getting injured on the mountain than in the last 13 days at the other resorts that don’t have safety people on every sign.
I had spent the last 3 days of riding demos so today was testing a prototype for Never Summer. 
While mounting up the prototype, I got to meet Mike who reads this blog.  It was great to see him trying out boards and finding out which boards he prefers.  
I’ve been lucky to have met a couple of the readers so far this season and it is great to run into people who know and enjoy the blog.  

Say hi or high 5 if you see me!

Amy spent the day demoing boards, got her on the B-pro and the Skate Banana. Her first time trying out magne traction which was perfect for the icy runs on the top chair today.

My shadow coming down the run.  

The Copper park is up and running…busy as usual.

Overall a great day on the slopes even with the slow downs and packed mountain.  

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  1. optionrider
    November 16, 2008

    Why am I not snowboarding yet? That’s the question I keep asking myself. Looks nice out there in CO. I have a buddy in Boulder bragging about the early season all the time. That’s not much of a secret prototype you’re riding. It’s pretty easy to guess its a Lotus-R for the lay-days. Anyways, I’m gonna keeping counting down the days till I get my Skate Banana on snow…
    Keep up the great bloggin.


    p.s. I didn’t see your comment on the Max Jenke interview. The only comment that shows up is mine.

  2. Shayboarder
    November 16, 2008

    Dang you are right…I thought I left a comment but I guess I didn’t. Could have sworn I did. Ok leaving one now 🙂

    You should be snowboarding, go visit your friend in Boulder and come ride the mountains.

    haha I let people figure things out for themselves, prototypes are just prototypes…we’ll see if they hit the salesfloor.