Loveland 11/2/08

02 Nov, 2008

This morning we turned the clocks back one hour which always makes it interesting when you plan to meet your friends in the morning.   Luckily we managed to all meet with the time changing and get on the road to hit up Loveland for the day.

I carpooled down with Amy, John and Jakub.  There was another car of friends from Steamboat and we parked next to Steamboat guys as well so everyone joined up when it was BBQ in the parking lot time.  
John got a shot of me riding. 
I spent the day riding my Evo-R and Raiden Tigre bindings.

John and Amy.  
John brought out his new NS Titan to bomb with.
I gave Amy the Infinity-R to ride for the day and she sported my Union Contact bindings. I was told she would never give it back…she liked it them that much.

The morning was spent just lapping runs as the sun shined on us, caught up with Bru and Joel who I know from the sierra forums.  We rode a couple laps and then called it time to BBQ.   On the way down ran into more sierra people, the more the merrier for BBQ time.

Today’s BBQ in the parking lot was well planned.  We brought chairs, the grill, yummy food, beer and good people.  
We went back out on snow and even though it was looking to be cloudy for the afternoon, it cleared up as people were taking off from the mountain.  Runs to ourselves.

Much ollie love from Amy on the board and bindings

The afternoon was no lines, empty chairs and fun runs

Ending the day on a good note with a stop through the bar for beer and the “I ride Loveland” sticker.

I’m following John out to the jeep in the empty parking lot

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  1. TKup
    November 03, 2008

    Sounds like a really fun day of riding. I’m a little jealous. We still have about 2 weeks until opening day here but everyone is super amped for the season to start.