Loveland 11/9/08

09 Nov, 2008

Saturday night I attended the Colorado Avalanche Information Center (CAIC) benefit in Breckenridge which was great, I’ll have more on the benefit later.  A couple of us crashed in Frisco so we could ride today.
After dealing with the long lines and mess of people yesterday, I was looking forward to Loveland today. For those not familiar, the reason the other mountains are so busy is they share the same pass. Loveland doesn’t share a pass with anyone and is totally worth it to not deal with crowds. Thanks to Duncan and John who make it so the magical riding happens.  
The other reason I was looking forward to Loveland is Never Summer was demoing today there.  I really got my start just going to demo’s and getting to know the people turning the screws and now I enjoy being able to see them and catch up.  
Gags turning screws at the demo 
He just added Sales Manager to his title for Never Summer…much deserved to a hardworking man. 

A good collection of boards in a variety of sizes from Never Summer to demo.  

The rules of the demo…no rabid ferrets in the tent please.
So the crew today was the girls (Amy and Stacia) and the boys (Travis, Bru, Joel).  I stayed with the boys last night and they went to the benefit with me.   I spent the majority of the day riding with the girls, what can I say…we have fun.  We all enjoy riding and man it is good 
I was able to ride two boards for the day, took out the Premier F1 and Heritage.  The last time I rode the new Premier F1 was February which there is not a review for…the board changed from the prototype I rode.  Glad to get on the final version and will have a review for both soon.  
I also had a chance to borrow Gag’s Union Force’s to compare against my contacts.  The biggest difference was the highbacks, Force’s are taller and a stiffer than the contacts.  I’m gonna ride them again this week…in my size, Gag’s bindings were larger than I needed.  See in the photo my boots look tiny compared to his bindings, but it was fun to try them out.  

While yesterday we waited in lines and took 4 runs total (yep lines suck), today we rode a lot more and when we weren’t riding, we were at the tent switching out gear.   We met up and rode with the boys and the crew from Never Summer.

Stacia carving on the Never Summer Lotus

Stacia and Amy coming down…both opted to try the Lotus’s for the day

Amy riding down

This morning when I first showed up, I met Ryan at the demo tent.  He came out from Utah and runs his own blog site Shredjunkies which focuses on the lifestyle of snowboarding.  

Looks like with more snow in the forecast and the snowblowing on the mountain that more chairs will be open soon.
After making most of the day demo’ing boards, we stopped to BBQ in the parking lot.  Between our three cars, brought up everything needed to have a good time. 

Shot of me in the back of my truck during the BBQ

We went back up to make a couple runs when it started snowing, looks like a powder day tomorrow for those lucky enough to enjoy it.

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  1. Anonymous
    November 10, 2008

    Your awesome Shay and so true to your word. I see ya kicken the Union Force in todays blog, and cant wait to read your review. Thanks, Aaron

  2. Shayboarder
    November 10, 2008

    Thanks I’m going to re-try them this week and have a review up soon after.

    I definitely am trying my best to review the products people want reviews on.

  3. optionrider
    November 11, 2008

    Every time I read your blog I get more excited to shred. Too bad that won’t be till I get back home from school in December…

    It looks super fun over in CO, but I can’t really complain about Whistler.The jury is still out on Quebec hills though.

    I am SO glad I didn’t pick up the Contacts this year. They’re softer than Forces? I’ll gladly stick with my Inverters.

    Inverters+Skate Banana=match made in shred heaven

    Keep up the great blogging Shay!


    ps. check the comments on your interview with Max Jenke, I didn’t get your message until about a week ago.

  4. Shayboarder
    November 11, 2008

    Thanks Option! Season is soon approaching for everyone! Yeah I cannot wait to head back to Whistler in April, always a good time.

    I’ll re-try the forces tomorrow, contacts are super soft and light.

    Yep replied to the max comments, thanks! Yeah no longer on