MTNOPS Introduces new GPS technology

21 Nov, 2008

Hailey, ID – November 21, 2008 – MTNOPS is proud to introduce the latest addition to its technological arsenal –GPS integration. Now you can ride with a GPS unit or GPS enabled cel phone that outputs a .gpx file and view and share your day on the hill in a new way. According to technology developer JP Stoermer, “Making a GPS map of your riding is as simple as uploading an image. Export a .gpx file, upload and your map is created. This is the first step in MTNOPS GPS/rider integration.”
When activated, consumer GPS units record a location every second. This second by second account of your position tells you where you went, when you stopped, for how long, and how much vertical you covered. “This technology has the potential to change the way riders look at and record their riding experiences. I know it will change the way that I snowboard forever. Now I can find all of those spots that I happen across when riding a new hill,” says Mark Sullivan, MTNOPS CEO.

Compatible units output .gpx universal GPS file format and are available in price ranges from $50 and up. After riding, simply download the file created by the unit to your computer and the MTNOPS software does the rest.

“I have been working with GPS technology for years as an avid backcountry rider and computer programmer. I am excited to make this technology more user friendly and useful to a wider range of people,” continues Stoermer.

The extensive applications for this new technology drastically simplifies the GPS file download process, while creating a new way for people to share their adventures. Look for more applications of this technology licensed through MTNOPS parent company, Tiger Utility.

With its official launch in October 2008, MTNOPS is the flagship web site platform of the innovative web technology of Tiger Utility LLC. Tiger Utility LLC will license its web technology to other companies in a variety of different industries. Located temporarily in Hailey, Idaho, MTNOPS also produces its own mountain gear that is proudly made in the USA.

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  1. martinboards
    November 22, 2008

    COOL! I like this… I have actually thought about getting a gps just to do some cool tracking and mapping of my mountain. I guess its a matter of me being lazy and not wanting to spend money right now 🙂

    *id rather buy the rome artifact 150 and ride contraband bindings 🙂