Snowboard Realms Season 2 Episode 2

18 Nov, 2008

Snowboard Realms season is upon us and episode 2 shows the struggles of professional snowboarding as TJ is dropped from a sponsor.

If I could hug TJ now I totally would after watching this episode. Make your way to Snowboard Realms and get involved with what TJ is up to.
Check out the video at:

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  1. Anonymous
    November 19, 2008

    That was the sickest interview from a pro snowboarder that I have ever watched. I always wonder what the relationship is like between a company and the rider, and I give mad props to T.J. for keeping it real, and not being a hater. We all read in blogs of people hating on riders for riding for this company or that company, but this is how these cats make their money to live, eat, and put a roof over their head, so lay off. For whatever reason Oakley didnt think that T.J. was a good fit for them anymore, and its their company so they have the right to sponsor who they want, but this interview really made me realize that the business part of this sport sucks sometimes. Its like that with all business, but it just sucks to see such a cool ass cat like T.J. get dropped like that by Oakley. Glad to see he has such a solid and bad ass company like Capita to keep backing him up. Thanks!

  2. Shayboarder
    November 19, 2008

    I was impressed as well, TJ showed class in such a bummed situation. It sucks to see that a rider who is doing a lot and just in snowboard realms is making something so rad for everyday people to see…that a company wouldn’t recognize that value.

    It sucks to lose a paycheck and total respect to TJ for talking about it and letting us see the disappointment when it does happen.