Snowboard Review: 08-09 Rome Vinyl

15 Nov, 2008

2008-2009 Rome Vinyl

Location: Loveland, Colorado

Snow Conditions: Snowing with hard groomed groomers, some icy spots.

Setup: I rode the Rome Vinyl with Rome Madison’s Bindings and my Vans Omni Focus boots.

First Impression:  I wish I learned on this board, easy mellow ride to progress with.

Size: 152cm

Weight: light

Flex:   It wasn’t a noodle, but definitely torsionally softer to make the turning easier for women.  Overall it was a good medium flex for women, not a noodle but not stiff.  It didn’t require a lot of extra effort to manipulate and initiate it into turns.  When I did ride over some icy spots, it gripped and held an edge without washing out.  

Turning:  It was really easy to initiate turns but also forgiving, so if you were taking your time to turn the board it wasn’t going to push you past your limits.  It is light and flexible making it a good ride for women.  I was just riding groomers with the vinyl and really small amounts of dust on crust which it was handling the adjusting terrain fine, holding an edge through the bumps. 

Stable:  Definitely for the mellow rider, when I took it up to faster speeds and more aggressive riding…it wasn’t up to par with that and I would have preferred a bigger size for me and a stiffer deck to feel more stable but that’s not what this board is.  But for just taking it easy, turning and messing around with, I had no problems with it being stable.

Pop:  No problems with popping into an ollie or off the tail of the board over rollers.  

Switch: I actually spend a lot of time switch on it, mostly because my switch riding is still progressing and while I can turn toeside and heelside switch, I wanted to take it slower and see how the board reacted to me being at a lower level of riding.  It rode fine switch, I actually found it really easy ride switch with.  

Overall Impression:  My friend Gorio mentioned using boards as they are designed for and I try to follow that in demos.  With the vinyl it meant slowing down my riding, taking turns slow and riding switch a lot more to get back into that mode of riding.  With it all done, I was happy with the board for what it was designed for.  I wouldn’t ride it myself at the riding level I’m at and what I prefer but I would have rode it when I first learned and needed a board to learn on.   

Shay’s Honesty Box:  I’m still a progressing rider, every rider is…and while I am above the level of the vinyl meaning that board won’t help me progress into more of a rider.  It was a good board and I’m glad to have recommended it in the past and now in the future knowing that girls can ride it and it will make progressing easier.  

On snow Photo

Rome Vinyl Description

For more information on the Rome Vinyl go to Rome’s website.

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  1. Anonymous
    January 09, 2009

    Hi! I am interested in the rome vinyl as a new board but after reading your review, I am not too shure. I currently have a burton malolo and rode a burton freedom (but now is sold) for the past few years. I usualy like to ride fast, charging down groomers when there isn’t snow, but I prefer the glades. I want a second board to learn to ride switch and do tricks, yet still be able to handle agressive riding but softer to allow me to learn how to do ollie, manual, tricks, etc. Is the vinyl for me?

  2. Shayboarder
    January 11, 2009

    I think the vinyl would be too easy for you after what you’ve been riding.

    With a softer board you compromise the stability and charging so it’s some give and taken. I’d check out more all mountain freestyle boards.

    Have you considered a reverse camber board?

  3. J-Trizzle
    April 28, 2009

    Hi Shay,

    I am a progressing rider who likes to ride the groomers but also wants to learn to ride switch and eventually do tricks. This is more of an intermediate/advanced board, however, it sounds like from your review and experience it would be a good beginner board. Any thoughts on whether this would be a good purchase or should I start with a ore “beginner” board?

    I guess I would rather buy a more intermediate than beginner board and not have to get a more advanced board after one season.


  4. Shayboarder
    May 05, 2009

    Hey J,

    Vinyl is definitely a board to progress with, I’d highly recommend it because you won’t outgrow it fast and it’s capable of the entire mountain. It might take some adjustment at first but I doubt it’ll be anything major.