Steamboat 11/27/08

27 Nov, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I managed to make it out on snow today for a couple runs here in Steamboat. We got an inch of snow overnight, but unfortunately it warmed up today which meant slushy snow and it was raining by the time I made it outside to make turns.

Vogue and See me open to come down

Even with overcast clouds and fog caught above the base, it made for some beautiful riding…in fact today reminded me of riding two NW locations…Stevens Pass and Mt Hood.

Michelle and I…we are both from Washington and it was like being back home!

I am stoked on my new Smith Heiress goggles…meant for overcast days like today, tiny fit for my face and I’m good to go!

We took a couple laps and then got down to the bottom, ran into a co-worker Scott who also came here from Stevens Pass and we were like dang this is a total northwest day with the rain and fog on the mountain. I heard Stevens delayed their opening which is a bummer to hear, I hope snow comes for everyone to get out riding soon.

You get pretty spoiled living in Colorado, we get a lot of sun and I will say…one of the reasons I like living here is even when weather doesn’t cooperate we can make snow to make up for it.

Stoked the mountain is open and hopefully this rain turns to snow so we can continue shredding here. Now it’s time to head home, help with dinner and enjoy some laughs with friends tonight.

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  1. martinboards
    November 27, 2008

    you are from washington? where abouts? I’ve lived near Seattle, in Olympia and now am in Spokane.

    Thats funny that you say the rain reminded you of stevens and hood. ahaha damn rain in the NW.

    What color are the lenses on your goggles? I need something for overcast days/fog since that covers like 75% of the weather that I get on Mt Spokane

  2. Shayboarder
    November 27, 2008

    Yep born and raised in Washington state. Grew up in Renton, lived in Seattle, Monroe, Skykomish and Leavenworth before moving onto Colorado.

    yeah total NW day here in Colorado…just like home. I’ll be back that way in a couple weeks to ride Stevens.

    Those lenses are sensor mirror from Smith which I am liking so far. I rode the gold sensor mirror during the shop demo at Loveland and it was an overcast day, never had them fog and was able to see the snow througout the day on them.