Steamboat 11/28/08

28 Nov, 2008

Well I hope everyone had a great dinner last night, I know my fridge is packed full of leftovers so I’ll be enjoying turkey sandwiches all week.

Yesterday I heard that Copper’s superpipe would be open today and planned to wake up early to drive down to Copper. I woke up and found that it has snowed outside here in Steamboat Springs which made me re-think driving down, so I slept in and then went riding here.

Met up with the skier girls (Michelle, Steph, Tamra) to hit the mini park and get back on the rails.

The early season park has been busy!

I used to ride rails back in Washington and I never really got into them, I really suck at them to be honest…so this year I am trying to get back onto rails and better myself to be a better all-around rider (rails, pipe, freeride, whatever).

With the limited amount of terrain open and really nothing else to push me, today was a mini park day in Steamboat.

Here is me going back to basics…50/50ing a mini rainbow box
More 50/50 action on the longer box rail
Here’s a shot of Steph I took

We kept making laps and hitting up the rails…really the only way to force me to get better is to keep doing it over and over.

One of my photos from today is also Steamboat’s Photo of the Day.

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