Be Safe

30 Dec, 2008

If I have one wish for the upcoming new year…it’s that everyone is safe. The reports coming from around the various resorts are lined with the dangers of avalanches, in bounds and out of bounds. Whether it’s Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Canada or anywhere else, it’s happening a lot recently. Regardless of whether you ski, snowboard or snowmobile…these impact all of us.
Photo: Gary Apostolou

I haven’t ventured out into the backcountry yet this season for two reasons. #1 I have no one to go with. #2 I don’t have my beacon yet, the most important backcountry piece of equipment I still need to purchase. Even still with how conditions are, I don’t feel prepared to go out yet until those two reasons are solved.

So in light of all the recent avalanche activity I just want people to be safe this season. Educate yourself, carry the right equipment, go with people who know the terrain and are educated as well, watch the snowpack and avalanche center reports for your location.

I hope everyone has a safe season

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  1. Huckleberry Hart
    January 01, 2009

    Way to play it smart. Take note kids, safety is cool.