Steamboat 12/15/08

15 Dec, 2008

I made it back to Steamboat…had a couple delays yesterday.  I knew a couple people on the flight from Denver to Steamboat so that was fun…and we of course had seats near each other. 

Over the weekend, Steamboat got a nice storm that delivered some new snow and covered the mountain really good.   So today was a day to enjoy what was left from the sunday masses.
I had plans to meet up with a couple people and while waiting around, saw Chad then got joined by Amy and John.  We stayed in the sunshine/sundown chairlift area to enjoy some mellow terrain with powder in the trees.  It was chilly out today.

Sunshine chairlift.  Directly underneath are the groomers and in the trees, the powder.

I wasn’t expecting much powder, but there were still goods in the trees.  Plenty of bumps, jumps and fun terrain to ride through.  

Amy heading through some leftover powder

Amy in the trees

As I left the crew, I finally tracked down Logan and Jeff (I think it was Jeff).  They drove into town on vacation to come check out the Steamboat goods.  Logan reads the blog and I made some turns with them in the trees before I had to go back to work.
As I made my last run down to the base, I glanced up at the halfpipe/terrain park to see the snowguns blowing away…YAYA!

So starting tomorrow, I’m going to be trying out a new cam on the mountain.  I can wear it as a helmet cam or play around with it to have other angles.  Definitely this weekend I’ll get more video time in for riding.

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  1. Marc
    December 16, 2008

    I heart trees. It’s usually a good place to hunt freshies.