Steamboat 12/19/08

20 Dec, 2008

I was really amped to end the work week and finish it off with some snowboarding.  I hit up the mountain in the afternoon, giving me a couple laps before the rail rodeo at the base.  
A nice storm arrived today bringing some high winds to the mountain, slowing down the gondola but still letting it operate and moving the snow around quite a bit.
When I was in Seattle last week, I traded out my Union Contacts for Union Force’s.  I still love the contacts but they were too soft for all mountain riding for me, so got the forces instead.  I spent this afternoon on them, I made one mistake of not adjusting them to my boot but managed to keep riding even though I knew it needed to be better adjusted.  
I was stoked to get more Pow high 5 gloves, so sported those in a different color on the mountain.  My hands stay pretty warm on the mountain and I like wearing thinner gloves so I have more hand control when using the camera.

These two are tall…and they rip.  Sara and Chad on the top of the gondola

Shot of Sara bombing down Valley View to get to the base.  Steamboat is all white and more snow to come!
I made my way down to the base, grabbed the better camera and hit up the Rail Rodeo which will be it’s own post.

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