Steamboat 12/20/08

20 Dec, 2008

Made a mini-video for Saturday’s riding.  I thought I had charged the battery for the helmet cam but found out on the mountain that it was turned on accidentally and dead, so I resorted to my mini camera to film what I could.   One part my friends found hilarious and I didn’t think I could be that high pitched sounding.

Steamboat 12/20/08 from Shayboarder on Vimeo.
It was a 5 inch powder day and looked bluebird but it was a very cold day on the mountain and goggles froze up during runs.  The winds were howling most of the day and my riding really sucked…I crashed more in one day than I have all season. 

My friends K who I ride with in summit and Brian who I know from sierrasnowboard came up for the weekend.  I was surprised at the crowds, it’s the holidays but its definitely not as busy as I thought it would be but that could have been the cold keeping them inside more than outside.  
K in the morning, first run to the base for shredding
Saturday was the first day that Morningside was open, offering up some fresh powder that was deep and heavy.  Getting up Storm Peak was the un-fun part, it was windy and very cold. Morningside is also very flat, so easy to get stuck in spots and the tree well danger is more significant there.  
Brian enjoying the powder turns on Morningside
I was an idiot and haven’t waxed my board in a while so today I really felt it in the snow and cold temperatures.  We made our way around the mountain, taking breaks when needed for hot chocolate and to get out of the cold temperatures.  
K loving his Capita

Eventually K and I made our way down to get some rub on wax to improve our stickyness factor when riding.  On the way down, hit up the parks and then did a couple park laps.  

Rabbit Ears Pass, the mini park is now open so rolled through there.  It offered up a very very mini pipe for me to play in and jumps/rails for K to hit.

K on the boxed rainbow rail

Eventually we made our way down the mountain to finish the day. 
 K jibbing a big snowball

The evening was great, picked up a keg and had a fun night with friends at my house with beer pong and hanging out.  

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