Steamboat 12/21/08

21 Dec, 2008

Last night was a party at my place with friends, a keg and beer pong.  I wasn’t expected to ride much today but knew I had to make it up eventually since today was World Snowboard Day
Even when I arrived on the mountain for an afternoon of shredding, it was a busy day for the slopes.  I stuck to lower mountain to make laps through the Rabbit Ears Park.
The bashor chairlift is running, but the Bashor park still has yet to be open.  Supposedly this week the park will be up and running and hopefully the halfpipe.  Today they were grooming the snow into place and still blowing snow to fill in the terrain.

Cat building up a jump

What is soon to be the halfpipe

I mostly spent time in the mini pipe just practicing riding switch and stalls on the tiny walls. Dropped off my board at Powdertools on the way home so I could finally get it waxed.  I need to pick up more wax so I can do it at home.

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  1. martinboards
    December 22, 2008

    world snowboard day?? Damn I didn’t know that… I guess that means my snowboard goggles got jacked on world snowboard day… what a shitty day. I had to spend more of it in the bar 🙂

    Hey guess who just told me about this cool snowboard blog (yours)? John Gordon! I thought it was cool that we both know you even if I only know you via stalking your blog

  2. Shayboarder
    December 22, 2008

    Sorry I slacked on announcing it earlier in the week 🙁 That sucks you got your goggles yanked!

    Ahhh John! That is awesome you know John. He’s an old friend from Washington. He knows good and bad things about me…haha! Radness though!