Steamboat 12/22/08

22 Dec, 2008

Definitely wasn’t planning to ride today, but I signed up for employee Diamond Cup races so grabbed my gear and hit up the mountain for a ride break.  
The Diamond Cup races are employees in teams (usually by department) getting up on the mountain to race and ride.  Throughout the season there’s a variety of slalom races and then the halfpipe competition.  Of course my favorite is halfpipe but racing gates can be fun.
I don’t take it too seriously by doing the whole spandex, speed lightning deal.  Today I missed a gate and got DQ’d which I was bummed.  
I went up with James who had his first day on his Never Summer Premier and we made a couple laps before coming back into work.  
I will say in the Nascar course, I would have liked a stiffer deck than my Infinity-R.  I think this was the first day I was bummed in how it rode, with really chopped up jagged turns it lagged so I think next races I’ll pull out a stiffer board.
I had my 2nd day with my helmet cam and did some filming but I’ve gotta get the angle right to make another film.  I realize I look down a lot when riding after setting up the angle and then what it looks like when I get home.  

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