Steamboat 12/24/08

24 Dec, 2008

In the past 48 hours we’ve received 23 inches of new snow, yesterday I missed out on riding but planned to spend this morning on the mountain.  Powder days are amazing but when I have family in town, it takes a backseat to spending time on the mountain with them.  
My friend Dave flew into town with his family, so I gave him my evo and forces to borrow until his gear arrived.  Got my mom’s gear taken care of early in the morning and up on the mountain enjoying turns before a lot of people arrived.
My mom flew in from Seattle, actually made it out before the storms hit and managed to get in late Monday night.  Last year was her first time skiing in probably 10+ years but she caught on and the shaped skis got her moving on the mountain quickly.   She might try snowboarding this trip, but we’ll see. 
We spent most of the morning on Sunshine and Sundown chairlifts.  I made sure my mom knew her way around the mountain and took her on runs that weren’t past her ability level.  I eventually had to leave back to work so wanted to make sure she would have fun by herself in the afternoon.  

I was pleasantly surprised at how much powder was leftover from yesterday.  I enjoyed the trees and sides of the runs which had 2ft easily of light powder leftovers.  Most of the time I was making first tracks through it.  
I made sure to tell my mom not to follow me through the trees (she’s not ready) but did take her in some open powder areas for her to get the feel and she had a lot of fun.  I took this photo and it was Photo of the Day for Steamboat.   It’s rad to see that look on the mountain, totally stoked and happy!  

When I was about to head back to work, I was waiting with my mom at the base of Sundown when a reader of the blog approached me.  Lucy who I have emailed with & reads the blog, was out on the mountain and recognized my jacket.  It’s rad to meet people stoked on the blog! 

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