Steamboat 12/31/08

31 Dec, 2008

I was nervous about riding today but I was going a little nuts and needed to get outside on the snow. The gondola had a line full of people during my ride break so I hit up Christie Express to get up to the pipe quick and make quicker laps.

I made a really short video of today, because I was riding by myself it’s from my point of view getting up on the mountain and showing what the park looks like right now.  Sorry there’s not much footage, quiet day on the slopes when you ride by yourself.  

Steamboat 12/31/08 from Shayboarder on Vimeo.
Since the superpipe opened yesterday I wanted to just go ride superpipe. It’s still pretty busy in town so I wanted to stay away from a lot of the crowds and dealing with people.
The superpipe had some sheet ice going on, but was a fun ride and I was surprised there were a lot of people just hanging out above it watching.  

Pipe season has begun!  So basically any day it’s not a powder day I’m usually riding halfpipe. For me it’s not scary, I like riding up the vert and it’s fun to try spins or new tricks.  I’ve got some on my mind this year that I want to master.

Terrain park has the bigger jump and rails up.  I’ll take more photos soon.

I took it easy today, did a couple laps through the pipe and then went back into work.  

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  1. Huckleberry Hart
    January 01, 2009

    Hell yea. Glad to hear that you are back to the hustle. Go get’em.