Steamboat 12/5/08

05 Dec, 2008

As of last night, the 4wd on my truck has gone kapoot…so today was a bit more hectic than I was expecting.  I did manage to make it onto the mountain, make turns and get my truck into a friends shop to get it checked out.  
Today was the opening of the gondola, giving skiers and riders a chance to get longer runs and more terrain.  Unfortunately it wasn’t top to bottom yet but the snow received the last couple of days had piled up and offered some good powder riding…even after noon when I got up.
I met up with Andrew to enjoy our ride break for the day and he took photos of the riding down some tracked out powder runs on white out.  

Gotta love snowboarding when you get a phone call from friends halfway down the run. Luckily it was Steve and told him to meet up at the bottom.  The runs behind me in this photo will be open tomorrow but it looks like plenty of coverage for the higher mountain.
A look at the runs coming down from Storm…looks like some people have hiked to enjoy it already or patrol making sure it’s safe.
A look at the runs right now, today wasn’t busy on the mountain when I was up and the sun kept it nice all day.

So I’ve been on a mission this year to do some new things.  One of them is stalling on stuff and the second thing is bonking things.  Today I did both, Andrew got this photo of me riding up onto the rock and trying to stall out.  I did ride up and back down (yay) and later I saw a snow boundary pole and bonked it with the tail of my board (yay).  
Even at noon…found some powder without having to duck a rope or go into the trees.  So I love Steamboat trees and will ride them once the season is underway, but this early in the season the chance of catching yourself on a barely covered tree is likely.  So I’ll stay on the decent stuff, barely going into the trees until the coverage is a bit more.

Never Summer Infinity-R holding up on a powder day

As usual it was ride break for a lot of people on the mountain, met up with some of the co-workers and friends to make turns.

Jakub riding through some of the leftover powder

We made our trek back to the gondola to ride down the main run to the bottom.  

I was hidden off to the side and caught this shot of Jakub hauling down the Daze with the gondola’s overhead.

Made my way back to work and then ended the day having to take my truck in. So now I’ll be walking to the mountain until my truck is fixed and tomorrow is top to bottom riding and probably some good powder turns on the mountain.

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  1. goooooood girl
    December 05, 2008

    i like your blog……

  2. Sierra
    December 05, 2008

    I love looking at the snow but it’s so cold in reality 🙂

  3. a
    December 05, 2008

    I invented stalling.

  4. Pink Monkey
    December 06, 2008

    You could take the bus… oh wait the bus doesn’t go way the heck up the hill. Do they usually put quite a bit of gravel on your hill? If not ride to the gondi down the street!!!!

  5. MelbaToasted
    December 06, 2008

    just curious as to what gloves you’re rocking in your pics… the light blue ones

  6. Shayboarder
    December 06, 2008

    Thanks for the comments!

    Yeah I need to work on the stalling part…I was more stoked I rode up on a big rock.

    Without 4wd I’m screwed on getting home…I live on the hill so it sucks. My road is always super snowy compared to the rest of town. Yeah taking the bus until my truck is fixed.

    Melba…those are last years Rome reign gloves. I’m quite happy with them for my warm pair of gloves.