Steamboat 12/6/08

06 Dec, 2008

Took out the video and put together a mini-vid for today’s riding…enjoy and let me know what you think!

Steamboat 12/6/08 from Shayboarder on Vimeo.

I woke up early planning to press glass today but by the time I got to the base of the gondola it was already packed with people in line before 8 am. Met up with my buddy Steve, grabbed some coffee and hit up the line with a couple other friends.
Today was the first day that Storm Peak would be running and let me tell you, with the amount of snow that we got a couple days ago…meant today was a powder day!
Conditions were amazing, gotta love when Storm Peak opens and you can still enjoy powder turns days after it snowed. Our first run, we took Storm face and got some goods…then headed into the trees to ride freshies. There were still hazards in the trees, had to watch out for buried trees and rocks. Best advice, keep your nose up and don’t let it dive…you don’t want it to catch on anything in early season conditions.

Steve found a nice log to jib

Steve spinning backside off the cat track into powder

So I got a new 686 jacket, picked up a great deal on dogfunk and couldn’t turn down one of my favorite jackets of the year. I’ll get a pic of it and put it up later. Today was my first day wearing it and I was stoked on it!
I was a bit surprised to see in the lift line that some chick has my 686 digi print jacket…I had been telling people I was the only girl wearing it in Steamboat. I’m hoping she’s just a tourist though so people don’t think I’m her.

The powder was amazing and I had a great time making turns with friends. Went in early cause getting back into riding powder was definitely rough today and will be sore tomorrow.

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  1. martinboards
    December 06, 2008

    that was sweet watching that powder cruise by. video was a good watch

  2. Steve (sign shop variety)
    December 06, 2008

    I think in that one photo Im spinning backside off the cat track….. right? I like the video, its a great addition to the blog, but like I said to you earlier, we both need to work on our steady cam. ha!

  3. snow
    December 07, 2008

    nice vid shay

  4. Zboy
    December 07, 2008

    Yo Shay sick vid! I’m so jealous of all that pow… I was in Steamboat again for work on Friday and the drive over Rabbit Ears pass made me want to quit on the spot and rip all that snow!

    There were a few staches at Breck this weekend but nothing like that!

    I’m really diggin the videos, I’m gona start doing a bunch of filming for HS soon… Once I’m up there for good. Keep em comin!

  5. Anonymous
    December 08, 2008

    Hey. What camera are you using for the video? Is it mounted or are you holding it?

  6. Shayboarder
    December 08, 2008

    Awesome glad people are stoked on the video!

    Martin…we have some great powder days here. Once the whole mountain is open, they’ll be a lot more.

    Steve, updated that to the backside wording. Yeah haha I need to work on following you better and actually getting you more on camera.

    Zboy, dude…your supposed to call me when you come to town! Yes you should quit and come up. Yeah Steamboat isn’t as busy and we get some good powder runs.

    I’m actually using my casio exilim camera, here’s the write up/review of it.
    It’s mostly for taking photos but I can capture like 8 minutes of video with it. Both Steve and I held the camera in our hands while riding…something we need to work on but that’s the first time both of us did it.

  7. Zboy
    December 09, 2008

    Haha I know! But I’m only in town for maybe an hour to drop stuff off at the job site. Such a bummer! I’ll get up there for sure once I’m done with school and you’ll have to show me all the secret staches!

  8. Shayboarder
    December 15, 2008

    Come up this weekend then…you should be done with school by now!