Steamboat 12/7/08

07 Dec, 2008

Ahh resort town living…it can be quite fun.   Yesterday after riding, I came home and worked on the video then got back into my gear to ride down to the bar.  I stayed at the bar with a crew of friends to chat and enjoy the night.  I managed to make it home and slept in today but made it on the mountain before noon.

Today was Steamboat’s demo day…we had Never Summer and Lib/GNU come out to do demos and its the only demo that we get during the year.  Steamboat is not a popular demo mountain which bums me out.
I talked Nate into coming out for some turns, he was helping Lib Tech at the tent.  I met Nate through the blog and have met up with him down in summit during the early season riding.  

We met up with Jakub at the top of Storm and headed over to Sunshine to see how conditions were over there.  It was tree riding in some heavy slushy chop but still not bad.  The bad part was having to take the cat track to get back.

Nate in the trees

Jakub in the trees

So I did get to re-ride some boards that I was questionable about from Never Summer.  I spent the tree run with the Heritage which is not a board I’d ride, doesn’t suit me at all and then later spent time on the system.  It was the first time in 4 years since I rode the system, Never Summer’s entry level park board.  Reviews coming soon.

Gags and I were ready to take a run, met up with Amy and Sara for the gondola ride and one run together.  I’ve found myself riding with girls  a lot more this year, it’s insane.  Made it to Storm Peak but it was stopped and not going anywhere for a while, so hiked up to BC to take that back up and make a Daze lap down.
Gondola full of Never Summer’s

On the chair with Gags

Gag’s carving up Heavenly Daze

I’ve been proud of myself, I’ve been lapping the park more often and riding over the rails.  It’s still at the bottom of the mountain right now until the main park area on Bashor gets more snow.  

Gag’s on the rainbow

The afternoon was spent with a couple friends just lapping the park.  I had one good fall off the longer box where I ate shit…other than that, still getting used to rails again.  My buddy Andy came out and we ended up switching boards for a run, he rode my NS infinity-r with raiden tigre’s and I rode his Nitro T1 with Raiden bindings…easy switch and it was fun playing around with eachother’s boards one run.  Props to any guy who has the balls to ride a chick’s board.  He saw me eat shit a lot as I tried to tail tap poles and tail press obstacles.  

I also ran into my jacket twin…the girl that has my 686 digi print, saw her on the mountain and told her we were jacket twins.  

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  1. Snowvols
    December 08, 2008

    Hey Shay,
    I am thinking of making a day trip from SLC next week due to conditions being better in CO right now. How are the conditions at Steamboat? If I come wanna make a lap or two together?

  2. Shayboarder
    December 08, 2008

    Conditions are good, we are supposed to get more snow tonight and later this week. Upper mountain has the best conditions and still more terrain to be opening up soon. Yeah if you come into town, definitely up for riding together. I’m out of town this weekend from the 11th-14th so as long as it’s after that, i’m cool

  3. Marc
    December 08, 2008

    “Props to any guy who has the balls to ride a chick’s board”

    Taken out of context, that sounds pretty dirty. I’ll hopefully be riding one of your Never Summer boards when I’m up to CO. Do I get Props too ;-). Totally psyched for Keystone!

  4. Shayboarder
    December 08, 2008

    haha you have the dirty mind Marc! I didn’t even mean it dirty…that time!

    You always get props!

  5. Snowvols
    December 09, 2008

    Well sorry shay it works out to be in Steamboat on the 14th. That kinda sucks wanted to make a few turns with you since I read your blog every day. Maybe next time.

  6. Shayboarder
    December 09, 2008

    Dang! Yeah I get in in the evening on sunday back to steamboat, that sucks! I’d say come on the 15th!