Steamboat Rail Rodeo 12/19/08

20 Dec, 2008

Last night was the first Rail Rodeo of the season here in Steamboat Springs. Local skiers and riders came out to throw down their skills for everyone.
I made my way up with my good camera to take photos. I have two cameras, one cheaper casio camera for riding days and one very nice expensive canon camera for better shots. Thanks to my family, I received two new lens to play with.
The new look to the rails

MC was out competing. He’s looking snazzy this season and he’s one of the local riders I can always count on seeing in the halfpipe.

The rails were set up right above the base, easy to walk to and we had a good crowd of people that came to watch the event.
MC stopping just in time

Here’s a couple of my favorite photos that I took from the event.
Skier: Jackson Coe

Rider: Emily Gorham

Rider: Coleman Holloway

Skier: Patrick Brusven

Rider: Brook Lester

Favorite weird shot of the event
Brook Lester and Adrian Pougiales two timing it

Everyone really rooted each other on throughout the night.

Stephanie Feld looking down at the event

Previous years in Steamboat…terrain park wasn’t really a priority. It took a lot of time and effort to get the mountain to listen and hopefully step up. So far this year, they have really put out an effort to make the park improved upon. One of the first steps was giving Steamboat a logo and design that can be used in the parks…to say Hey This Is Steamboat (TIS baby). My buddy Steve from the sign shop helped design them and they look great in person.

I am optimistic but from what I have seen so far…the mountain is listening.

Eventually the event died down, competitors were cut as the final runs were made. I had to leave to take the gondola up the mountain for a wedding but it was a good event and great to watch the local athletes having fun.

Props to the park crew and Steamboat staff for putting on the event and keeping it rolling!

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  1. Anonymous
    December 23, 2008

    nice work!! Hope you like whats going on with the parks in Steamboat!

  2. Shayboarder
    December 24, 2008

    Thanks! I do so far, waiting to see how Bashor comes out for the season. But good to see the improvements so far!