Bling out with the Madonna ring out

10 Jan, 2009

While I was visiting Capita in December, Johan snuck in some goodies into my Union Force binding box which included the KFC (Kicker Fucker Chicken) Madonna Ring. I first saw the ring at SIA but it’s not just any ring…it’s a ring meant to wear over your gloves.
I was thinking of when would be the opportunity to wear the Madonna Ring on the mountain. Whether it’s getting hitched on the mountain and wanting to show off your new piece of equipment to needing to fend off guys in the lift lines (or get hit on because you are married), this is the way to go. At the end of the day, you could probably use it as a weapon in case all of those scenarios go horribly wrong.
It doesn’t look like the C3 shop is carrying it so it might be harder to track down.

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  1. razzi
    January 10, 2009

    HAHAHA OMG I wanted one of those, just because… hahaha. I wear a huge leopard print heart shaped ring (Betsy Johnson, look it up!) but not when I ride 🙁