DROP gloves announces 2009-2010 projects and collaborations

06 Jan, 2009

With SIA just 21 days away, 09-10 products are coming out of the woodwork over the internet. I’m looking forward to seeing all the products in person at SIA to check them out.

Here’s a glimpse at Drop Gloves for their upcoming collaborations and new products for 09-10.


Founded in 1998, DROP® has headquarters in Vermont,USA and Montreal,Canada with design offices in Los Angeles. We are a technical driven accesories company focusing on gloves and other riding accessories. Our main objective from day one has been to make the absolute best snowboard accessories available.

Our inspirations come from skateboarding, snowboarding and all its sub cultures as well as the elements attached to the city experience, urban art forms and music. keeping market trends in mind, we are dedicated to setting new standards in our product categories year after year both aesthetically and technically.

Our philosophy is to always remember where this lifestyle comes from and to always keep it as fun and creative as it was when we were growing up. We give back to our community by not only sponsoring riders,musicians and artists but also being entrenched in the lifestyle and being involved with many events from competitions to snowboard camps for underprivileged kids, art exhibits and shows.

What our consumers can tell you is that when you buy a DROP® product you are getting unsurpassed quality, design and well thought out features.

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