Introducing the 2009 2010 Monument Snowboards BlackBlack featuring artist Rammellzee

26 Jan, 2009

Introducing the 2009 2010 Monument Snowboards BlackBlack featuring artist Rammellzee.

January 26, 2009
Bellingham, WA

Monument Snowboards is pleased to introduce you to the first board of our new lineup for the 2009-2010 season. 2009-2010 will be another collection of amazing riding freestyle boards featuring artwork from some of the most critically acclaimed artists from around the world.

ABOUT Rammellzeee:
Always ahead of his time, New York artist and performer Rammellzee (pronounced “Ram: Ell: Zee) was born 1960 in Far Rockaway, Queens. Credited with being one of the inventors of graffiti art in the late 1970’s as well as one of the original hip hop artists from the New York area who introduced specific vocal styles which date back to the early 1980s. His influence can still be heard in contemporary artists such as The Beastie Boys and Cypress Hill and his legendary hip-hop single “Beat Bop” with K-Rob was produced by the artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, and has become one of the most sought after hip hop releases ever. ??In the mid-80’s, Rammellzee became associated with a group of artists who painted or tagged in a style known as East Village wild style. This was an illegible, dynamic style of writing letters derived originally from the Gothic script of Medieval manuscripts. In 1982, he appeared in the seminal hip hop documentary Wildstyle by Charlie Ahearn, his fame in graffiti circles was established when he painted New York subway trains with Dondi, OU3, and Ink 76, and Doctor Revolt. Rammellzee’s graffiti and art work are based on his theory of Gothic Futurism, which describes the battle between letters and their symbolic warfare against any standardizations enforced by the rules of the alphabet; his treatise, “Iconic Panzerisms”, details an anarchic plan by which to revise the role and deployment of language in society. ??Rammellzee’s work has been exhibited internationally. His work is in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art, New York. He performs in self-designed masks and costumes of different characters of his own creation, one featured within his board art named “Reaper Grimm”.

About the board:
MSRP: $319
Don’t let the price tag fool you, the Blackblack is one of our best performing boards. We give you extra in this board. This twin ruler will allow you to learn your entire trick bag in all conditions and on all the terrain you can throw at it. Minimal dollars, gets you maximum performance. The E.S.P. I core gives you bombproof durability and snap while the Ultra Speed base will give you all the speed you need. The Blackblack will not keep you in the dark.?? ? You can see the full collection January 27-30 in Las Vegas, NV at the SIA Tradeshow at the Monument Snowboards booth (E63).

About Monument Snowboards:
Each year we curate an ever-growing pedigree of artists to create site-specific art and deliver the highest quality product on the market. Turning our back to momentary trends, vapid graphic design and company branding, we focus on the visual impact and technical superiority of our boards. Everything we produce is created hand in hand with a roster of established and emerging artists in an attempt to infuse art into the world around us. Our dedication to provide premium products drives us to search for new and unique approaches to enhance riders’ snowboard lifestyles worldwide. Started in 2001, based on a collective of Mid-Atlantic artists, MNMNT was started and driven by art. Providing unique products to riders. Today, that collective is worldwide, with many artists across the globe contributing to our vision. While many companies have changed their direction based on the industry trends, MNMNT has stayed true to its beginnings.

Monument Snowboard Team
Jeremy Cline, Doug Mercer, Ethan Deiss, Robby Balharry, Chris “Chach” Chance, Mike Fink, Nick Geisen

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