Keystone 1/17/09

17 Jan, 2009

We hit up Keystone today with a super late start and had to deal with full parking lots, but we made it to the mountain, parked and were riding on a warm sunny day. 

About a 10 minute walk from where we parked or waiting in a line for the shuttle, we chose to walk to the mountain.  

Even though the parking lots were full, the park wasn’t too packed compared to other runs with tons of people on them.  I made laps through the superpipe and through the mini-park with friends.

K wanted to try out the horrorscope so him and Joel switched up Capita’s for a couple runs.  

I kept trying to lap the superpipe today, I tried to get a new grab in so at the end of the day I was trying to get it done.  The grab was the tailfish, grabbing with my rear hand on the heel edge between my rear binding and tail of the board.  

We had a good crew for the day:  K, Joel, Bru, Brantly and myself.  

We checked into our condo and then hit up the mountain for some late night riding again.  

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