SIA 2009 Day 2

29 Jan, 2009

With Day 1 accomplished and plenty of comments coming in on what to check out, day 2 had a mission to continue meeting with companies to see the latest products.
The morning started out with Arbor who I was really excited to see, they have beautiful snowboards that ride equally as well as they look. This year a friend in Steamboat who is an amazing artist, designed one of the graphics so I was able to see that board and I’m hoping to interview him about his artwork on the board.
A look at Arbor

The next stop was Rome Snowboards where I finally got to meet Ron and Anna. This season I’ll be testing Rome bindings to give input on them and really amped about that. We went through the boards and bindings, I’ll be going back to Rome to get a glimpse at the outerwear which for the 2nd year looks like they stepped it up.

Rome Artifact 1985

During some downtime, Todd Richards and I posed with what looks like spirit fingers.
I stopped by the MTNOPS booth for the bazillionith time but this time got to check out the line, which features all products made in the United States. The boards and softgoods have a distinct look to them.

Line up of hats

Since I started the blog, I’ve received great feedback from people in the industry on what I do and am amazed at who has heard of the blog.

Today I met Brad Steward from Bonfire and got to check out what’s coming up for Salomon and Bonfire this upcoming year.
Ended the morning with Drop Gloves, this year they are doing a collaboration with Elm Company so there is a Elm Glove.
In the yard area while I picked up my Riders Poll tickets, I was able to meet with Annie from Transworld Snowboarding face to face. We’ve spoken over the phone and it was finally great to meet her in person. I’ll have a good opportunity later this season to check out and write about a TWS event so I am stoked for that.
Stopped by Capita to find Blue and Tj checking out the Green Machine. Looks like you might hear Tj talking about it in Snowboard Realms.

I went back to Burton to continue an appointment with the softgoods line. I had the opportunity to meet Donna Carpenter while I was showed the line. Some interesting designs coming out and the Dry Ride was a big success so that has more for next year.

One of the belts stood out, it lets you count your days riding by marking them off.

Alexis Roland was on hand to model the outfits. This minishred is badass.

Drake Snowboards. So Drake/Northwave has a interesting boot coming out this year, it caught my eye in terms of the lacing system and it’ll be interesting to check out more about.

A highlight of the day was meeting Pat Bridges from Snowboarder Magazine, I met him yesterday and had the chance to talk with him today. While hanging out at Snowboarder Magazine, I got to meet some people and as always I am a total goof when it comes to recognizing who they are. I’m sitting on the couch with a guy named Jesse and I ask him what he does, he tells me he works for Think Thank. I’m like wow I really liked Stack Footy this year and man Jesse Burtner kills it. He’s like I am Jesse Burtner! haha so that was funny to realize since I admire his riding and love the Box Scratcher model of his this year. I was able to meet Chris Englesman at the booth as well and what a compliment to hear that he has checked out
As I was walking around the corner and talking to my friend Marc I realized some guy was taking my photo, Lee Crane had tracked me down. His skills were good so we got a couple shots of us and taking each others photos.
In the afternoon I met with Mission 6 and Monix to see the latest from them.

While hanging out by the Capita booth for drinks, I ran into Mark Carter fresh out of Jackson Hole and looking every bit like the mountain man that he is. I unfortunately look like a wierdo next to him, scary I know.
Yobeat was in town for Vegas and got to meet up with Brooke who finished up the media kit for Yobeat (congrats!). It was great to put a name to a face and have some beer time with her.

One of the requests was for me to check out the Stairmaster Extreme and while Johan was showing me the Capita and Union lines, I got to check it out.
With my friend Marc in town from Vociferous Void, we ended the day of Day 2 at the tradeshow. Last year I did the Bellagio Buffet with the Never Summer crew and this year was no exception, with 20 of us at dinner it was a great time of yummy food. It was also the first time I ate for the day, that’s how busy I have been.

After dinner, we headed to the Riders Poll Awards at the Hard Rock Hotel, we missed the awards but made it in time for the after party.
I caught up with Mark Sullivan from MTNOPS who was kind enough to introduce me to two of my idols in snowboarding: Jeff Brushie and Jamie Lynn.
Mark Sullivan and myselfJeff Brushie and myself

The day was amazing, just meeting people I admire and have impacted me as a snowboarder since I started. Lets see what Day 3 brings on.

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  1. rumorator von rumorstein
    January 29, 2009

    Shay, it’s all looking good out there. Really liking the capita line and want to see more of the MtnOps US made outerwear. keep it up!

    Also WTF are you doing to Mark Carter?

  2. apartment 4
    January 29, 2009

    Loves it – especially the Capita and that Burton belt is pretty cool. Too bad (mtnops?) switched up Thoreau’s name, but that’s still an awesome quote. Sounds like you’re having a blast – so jealous!!

  3. Jonny
    January 29, 2009

    Shay, way to slay it in Vegas and now your internets famous! LC tracked you down for Boardistan.

  4. Anonymous
    January 29, 2009

    please do a full analysis of the new skate banana and banana magic boards! please?:D

  5. martinboards
    January 30, 2009

    best vacation ever! great pics too!

  6. Shayboarder
    January 31, 2009

    Rumorator. Thanks! It was a great time out in Vegas, I’ll be posting up Capita and MTNOPS soon with more photos. I tend to make funny faces at Mark.

    Thanks Apartment, the belt definitely caught my eye. Funny!

    Jonny. Thanks! Yeah he definitely tracked me down and it’s great to see that he likes what I do!

    Anonymous. I’ll be at the on-snow demos in 2 weeks where I’ll be riding them. I’ll give more detail on the Lib post.

    Thanks Martin, I worked my ass off so it didn’t feel like a vacation but I had a lot of fun.