SIA 2009 Day 3

30 Jan, 2009

I wasn’t expecting day 3 of SIA to be busy but somehow looking back on it, it was a lot of companies and meeting people.  
I was able to get into the show early each morning to enjoy quiet peaceful times before the madness began and could get some photos without many people around.  
Smokin Snowboards 
Generally my day begins at Never Summer where I get something to drink and enjoy precious moments of sitting down before I am standing all day.  I finally snapped some up-close shots for you guys.  
Stopped by Dragon to catch up and meet face to face with Alex Pashley.  He’s the man behind the Dragon blog and the Varmin blog (always a good read) as well as doing many other magical workings behind Dragon Optics.  
Dragon’s Pro series of goggles
I headed over to Sound, Technine and Nomis to find Trent Bush just about as awake as I was but still ready to show me the lines.  I got to experience the full Trent effect later in his prime. 
A whole handful of Technine boards 
Magoon’s lucky charms board

Trent waking up amidst Nomis and Technine

The fine folks at eesa have a lot of fun, I had fun just thinking about how much fun they have on a daily basis.  They also do fun socks and softgoods that you can wear on the mountain or off the mountain.  Stephen Cleary was kind enough to take me through the line to check out how much fun they are bringing to your feet and skin next year.

I had a good talk with Stephen and it’d be sweet to see what can happen from our talk.
eesa game socks…beat that!

POW gloves has plenty of gloves for everyone and every style.  The shocker is back in a new black color looking shockerific.  With plenty of color and designs, there’s something to please everyone.  
Next up was Oakley where there are plenty of pro series that speak for themselves.  Saw the outerwear briefly and can’t wait to see more in the catalog.  
Spacecraft is enjoying their 2nd year at SIA with plenty of attention to them for their unique artistic style they bring to snowboarding.  They are always friendly and you really look to them for setting the stage on how to create interest without spending millions over an image and brand. 

Spacecraft Belts

Another Northwest brand, Casual Industries was out to introduce themselves at SIA.  There’s a lot of Washington love, but man it’s good love to look at.  
The men at Ashbury have worked hard this last year and it shows.  After just a couple months of launching the eyewear and goggles, they have more to offer and continue with the Ashbury reign.  I was able to meet Mike Hakker (Industry profile last summer) and Lance Hakker.  Both of these guys are super nice, obviously care a great deal about the product they put out and they make it look good.  They hooked it up with a pair of this years Ashbury’s so I’ll be trying those out on the hill soon.  If you haven’t peeked the Ashbury blog, don’t fight the temptation, just do it.  

I made it onto the Ashbury blog as well, in a funny moment captured between me and Mike by Nima. Nima was in the booth and it was rad to meet him in person.

Bloggers unite.

I spent a good amount of time around Mervin really being able to capture all the goodies.  This year Lib Tech steps into outerwear, I had thought they might bring back the banana one-piece as an option but nope not yet.  

GNU’s Danny Kass keeps the 60’s alive and kicking.

Plenty of Roxy love as well going around.  The Torah Bright Eminence has some good things going on with it and I’ll write more about that later on.
Roxy Eminence LE and Regular edition

I was able to sit down with Norm from Lib Tech and spend a great amount of time talking.  I had spoken to him over the phone in December when I visited Washington.  It looks like I’ll be seeing Lib Tech again in late February, I’ll be heading back to Washington for a week to snowboard and attend the Holy Oly event ( soooo stoked that I’ll be there this year).  Anyways it was great talking with the guys from Lib Tech, meeting everyone and talking gear.  

The one company that caught me off guard was K2.  While most companies are expanding their rocker technology, K2 really expanded another style of new technology.  They introduced a bunch of Flatline Technology boards.  It’ll be great to check them out on snow to see how the Flatline rides.

 Turbo Dream

A brief stop by Bula to see what hats would be looking like for this upcoming season.  

Boardistan tracked me down and included me on their SIA report which I was stoked to see online today, lots of great compliments and it’s awesome people are stoked on what I do.  

Ride Snowboards introduces the Slackcountry this upcoming season, a board to ride some powder with and damn it looks good.
I will definitely be trying out the new Ride Bandita Contraband which brings the contraband technology to a women’s binding.  This will be reviewed and demo’d because I am really amped to try it out and good to see it on a binding for women.  
By the end of the day I went by the digital press room to meet Anovia with SIA PR in person.  It was awesome to meet her since she’s in charge of the social media for SIA, updating the twitters, myspace, facebook and press releases going out.  There’s a lot of work involved in keeping people updated so it’s great to see people who work hard to do it.
I stepped out of the tradeshow in the evening to find fresh air and Endeavor waiting for me.  Max Jenke was on hand to transport me to a private suite with yummy snacks and drinks galore.  

Endeavor will be introducing 4 boards that will feature rocker.  You can also get those boards in regular camber as well.  

Colour Series.  The RC is on the left

I dropped off my pack since it was time for dinner.  Marc and I met up with the Atomic crew for a very good night at the Hofbrauhaus for delicious german beer and food.  With plenty of other industry people there, it made for a fun night of drinking.  

Photo:  Vociferous Void
I had heard that buying a shot meant getting spanked by a wooden paddle and a big breasted woman.  Since Trent Bush was at the table next to us, it was a good idea to treat him to the fun. 
 Trent got spanked and soon returned the favor to me with a shot and a good spanking.  

With plenty of beer being poured and playing with sausages, it was a lot of fun between our tables.  Plenty of spankings went around during the dinner.

Trent and myself

The night didn’t end there, we headed to the Hard Rock Hotel to meet up with friends and get into the Snowboard Magazine Ender Bender party with DJ Muggs and Redman.  On the way in, met Matt Wibby from Frequency Magazine enjoying the night.  

Mark Sullivan proved again why he is the man and was able to get us in without a line and through the doors quickly.  The show was amazing, I tracked down Gorio and got to meet up with other friends in the event.  It was jam packed and a lot of fun.

Photo:  Vociferous Void

Marc, Mark and myself

Sometimes you need your own bottle for the night
Inside the show I ran into Mascha from Shred Union, finally great to meet up with and swing by that site to sign up to get in it.  I also ran into some old faces from my past, always fun to run into people that helped influence your snowboarding at a young age and made you want to be more.  
Eventually after checking out what the VIP section had to offer, we made our way outside to hang out and chat.  Mark was kind enough to tell people that I am the future of media and coming from him, that’s a huge compliment.  
It was great to spend the night chatting with Mark and Gorio as well as meeting new people.  I was able to meet Justin Cobb now with New Era and who used to be with Future Snowboarding Magazine.  Justin wanted to hear about the blog so I know I talked his ear off and we talked a lot about snowboarding throughout the night. 
I ended up staying at the bar with everyone till 4am talking snowboarding.  Throughout the night, familiar faces walking by.  Ran into Gabe L’Heureux for quick talk and said hi to MFM who showed up and continued to drink and talk with Justin and Trent.   Regardless of being away from the snow, just sitting and talking about snowboarding with people who are passionate about it is so much fun for me.  

Gorio was the man and made sure I made it home safely after a night of drinking.  Of course it was 4am and I had to be up early for another day of SIA and check out day.

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  1. (former)optionrider
    January 31, 2009

    Amazing post, shay! Endeavor is the shit! Which boards will feature rocker? Colour and…? Please tell me there will be an H5 with rocker. My life will be complete.

  2. Anonymous
    January 31, 2009

    Great Shay but about Lib Tech and more Gnu? Union too?

  3. Nick
    January 31, 2009

    Thanks shay for the snaps of the stiarmaster extreme looks pretty gnarly

  4. Shayboarder
    January 31, 2009

    Optionrider, thanks! Endeavor was great to check out and hang out with. The Endeavor rocker boards will be the boyfriend, colour, live and next. Sorry not the H5 so far.

    Anonymous. I will be doing posts by company with more pictures, so there will be plenty more lib, gnu and union soon.

    Nick. No problem! It is a funny board up close.

  5. Anonymous
    February 01, 2009

    Great about Lib/Gnu/Union!!! Thanks

  6. Matt Wibby
    February 01, 2009

    Shay. Great to meet you and wish we could of talked for longer… Lets catch up at the next shred event.

  7. pandaheap
    February 06, 2009

    Holy crap! Trent introduced me to you that night at the hofbrauhaus and then today I just happened upon your blog! That was a great night, glad I made it out with out getting paddled!

  8. Shayboarder
    February 06, 2009

    Anonymous. Union is up on the blog and Mervin to come soon.

    Matt. For sure! We’ll catch up at Holy Oly!

    Panda! Funny! Well glad you stumbled across it and Trent introduced us, such a fun night with everyone! Ah you missed the paddle…dang!