SIA 2009 Day 4

31 Jan, 2009

It was the last year in Vegas, the days went by quickly and soon it was day 4 ending out the show in Vegas before we head to Denver next year.  

With only 3 hours of sleep under my belt, I was awake early friday to finish out the day and check out of the hotel.   I packed light for coming out knowing that I’d be coming back home with plenty of catalogs and goodies.  
Always thanks to Gags for keeping it real with me…reminder to myself, next year wear shades the last day of SIA because I’ve been told I looked haggard leaving the show.

The last day of the show is always quiet, it’s when the partying and show catches up to you.  I was tired and ready to call it a day but made a couple appointments and wanted to walk around.
Stepchild Booth

Celsius Booth

32 outerwear

For 2010 Rome introduced the Addictive Collection created by artists inside Rome and friends. The Addictive Collection features the agent, 390 and libertines.  
Rome 390 Death of Creativity

Design, Graft and Slash

I started the morning at Flow Snowboards talking blogs and checking out what’s up with them. The Team binding is gone but Flow stepped up the game bringing out the 24Real binding to go with Burton’s new super expensive board (1500 bucks).  I certainly hope that the people who buy the most expensive products will invest in a board lock that can’t be broken into.

It is packaged up with a certificate

Flow Quantum up close

Flow M9 bindings

I took off to check out Rossignol Snowboards.  This summer they went through a change of hands but they are back with their boards.  

L-R:  Jeremy Jones, Jdub Mag, Decoy, One Mag, Scope and Angus

I was able to finish off the day with Sessions.  I have never tried Sessions but I really like the look of them and they do creative things that aren’t needed but are extra bonus’s to outerwear.

Forgot your gloves?    

Just pull them out of the jacket

Boarding for Breast Cancer jacket

SOS jacket

Finished up by stopping by Bluebird/Solid to finally get a photo of the boards.  

It was time to head to the airport so I said goodbye to old friends and new friends on the way out.  I didn’t have to worry about airport shuttles and luckily a lot of us were on the same flight to Denver so that made it easy to fly out and make it home together.  
I came home with plenty of stuff, t-shirts to last me through the winter and fun things to try out for the blog.  The most influential thing I came home with wasn’t a catalog, a photo or a t-shirt.  It is something so simple but so profound to me.  MTNOPS had on hand, scanned copies of the first issue of Snowboarder Magazine.

At a time when snowboarding was just being allowed on resorts, Snowboarder Magazine was launched.  In the pages I am amazed to read about how to snowboard (back then), an interview with Jake Burton and at the time what resorts you could ride at in CA/UT.  It was more about the progression of the sport and less about the exclusion or limiting it for people interested in trying it.  
There’s a lot to be said about snowboarding, about our products and who we are.  We can leave the mountains, but the mountains never leave us.  I’m now back in the mountains and happy to be home.
I’ll be covering some highlights from the show soon.  Last year I did posts by company and I’ll do the same this year…they’ll start very shortly.  There will be more images from all the companies I met with and some I didn’t meet with.  

I’ll end the show with a special video of the NS guys with Elvis trying to get a photo.  

Posing with Elvis-SIA 2009 from Shayboarder on Vimeo.

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  1. (former)optionrider
    January 31, 2009

    Wow, I’d really love to see a copy of that vintage issue of Snowboarder. People snowboarding before I was even born… It’s crazy to think about. That Sessions jacket with the gloves is genius!

    p.s. please start with Endeavor! I’ll be eternally grateful!

  2. Anonymous
    January 31, 2009

    Does the Jeremy Jones have magne traction?

  3. Shayboarder
    January 31, 2009

    Optionrider. The scanned copy I have is sweet. Such a rad thing to take home…I might frame this bad boy. Yeah Sessions has some cool stuff, you’ll see more soon. We shall see, they’ll be in the start of it definitely.

    Anonymous. The Jeremy Jones has rocker and magne traction. There’s a really good story by Jeremy in the catalog that I’ll make sure to include when I put up the Rossignol post.

  4. fouganza
    February 01, 2009

    Do you have any photos about NeverSummer Summit 2010?

  5. Anonymous
    February 01, 2009

    Thanks for answering the JJ question shay. looking forward to all the individual company posts!

  6. Anonymous
    February 01, 2009

    The glove in the Sessions jacket was created by Loki Outerwear and has been integrated in all of their jackets for years. Just saying.

    Thanks Shay for your SIA coverage. Great job, as always. Just wish we would see more NS.