Snowboard Review: 08-09 Nitro T2

07 Jan, 2009

2008-2009 Nitro T2

Location: Loveland, Colorado

Snow Conditions: Bluebird with hardpacked groomers to icy groomers.

Setup: I rode the Nitro T2 with Union Force SL bindings and my Vans Omni Focus boots size 8.

First Impression: Yet another Nitro that can do it all

Size: 155cm

Weight: lighter than average

Flex: I wouldn’t classify it as a stiff board and definitely not a soft board, a good mid point for flex which is nice cause it could handle riding when you aren’t park riding all the time. It has more torsional flex, easier to maneuver into turns and with the wider width it was really stable.

Turning: The wiig that I rode has the tri-progressive sidecut and man…its good to hold an edge, you go through each part of the turn and can power into the next turn. That makes it really easy to initiate but whether you are going short radius or long radius, you have a good controlled arc. Through the icy spots, it held an edge when I was turning. It didn’t have as much dampening so through some rougher bumpier areas is when I felt the board more.

Stable: Since the waist width was wider than I needed, that made the board really stable when riding. I was surprised at how stable it rode for a freestyle board. It is one of those boards you can take out of the park and it will still let you enjoy the ride.

Pop: The board has no problem with pop, I had a blast riding with it and just ollie’ing off anything in sight and right from the start it was comfortable and easy.

Switch: It was easy to swing around into switch riding, still giving that power when carving and not catchy.

Overall Impression: The T2 is not the same as the eero, some people thought that and it’s not the case. The eero is stiffer than the T2 and the T2 is wider than the eero. Overall I had fun on the board, it was good for turning and for a freestyle board was impressive. I would have liked to ride it in pipe to really try out the swing weight and edge hold. I like the smartbase, interesting concept.

Shay’s Honesty Box: I hadn’t planned to ride the T2, I wanted to ride the eero since I had a lost of requests for it but they didn’t have the eero. I’ll still try to ride the eero but the T2 wasn’t a bad board being it’s freestyle and a bit wider that I should be riding.

On-Snow Photo
Nitro T2 Description
For more information on the Nitro T2 go to Nitro’s website.

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