Steamboat 1/2/09

02 Jan, 2009

It was a busy week with work and the blog so I’m glad it’s the weekend finally!  Before the work week ended, I made it up to relieve some pressure by riding halfpipe.  We haven’t received new snow since Sunday when the skies turned bluebird and have stayed that way since then.  
Today it looked promising to receive snow and by afternoon, the clouds had arrived.  I’m hoping it snows tonight because tomorrow I get to load the gondola a half hour before the public does.  
I rode the superpipe on Wednesday and was a bit disappointed in it again this year.  In terms of a straight cut pipe it’s better, but when there are chunks of snow missing from walls that is the result of the snow not being packed enough (getting rid of oxygen) during the building of the pipe.  That’s the one thing I learned from my ex on park crew on halfpipes. 
Today I was happy that the halfpipe was better to ride and some patches had been worked on to make them rideable and not big gaping holes.  I rode by myself, this time of year all of my friends are busy working and it’s harder to get together during the week.
I lapped the pipe, riding up each chairlift with a new person since the Bashor chairlift was quite busy this afternoon.  Between watching the SSWSC snowboard coaches throw down and the occasional first timer, it was just enjoying each run and having a good time getting back into it.  By the end of the afternoon, I was working on riding switch in the pipe and threw a couple 360’s that didn’t look good.

Today was an experiment on the 09-10 Lotus that I’ve been riding.  The reverse camber on it has made it great in powder and I’ve been riding it a lot more on groomers and finally today took it into pipe where it treated me well.  I thought it wouldn’t hold an edge that well but I was able to come off the wall and hold the uphill edge right away.  

The new signage for the parks are up!  

So tomorrow I’ll be taking photo of the day and doing the straight talk for the mountain which means I get to load early and enjoy some turns before the public does.  I’ll be taking up my camera and goggle cam to play with.  

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