Steamboat 1/31/09

31 Jan, 2009

It’s good to be back in the mountains, my bags are still waiting to be unpacked but all I needed today was my snowboard gear so I could show Marc the mountain.
Here’s the video from today’s riding, it’s a mixture of out of bounds and groomers.

Steamboat 1/31/09 from Shayboarder on Vimeo.

We slept in a little bit, but still made it to the mountain around 9am to start the day.  While getting breakfast bagels and coffee, ran into friends of mine so we made a big group up and went riding. Marc had flown with me from Vegas and would be flying back to Ontario tomorrow, so 24 hours in Steamboat!  The weather cooperated and it was another bluebird day on the slopes, still a good amount of leftover powder even though it was getting heavy…it was still good.
Marc does Vociferous Void which covers the more intellectual side of snowboarding.  He does a really good job with eco friendly products in the industry.  During riding today he was kind enough to take photos on the mountain and we got some filming done with his new cam.

We made our way out the gates past the ski area boundary to enjoy some powder that would offer up more turns for us.

It was a hike but well worth it

It was well worth it

One of my favorite photos that Marc took was of me coming down from No Name with the extreme colors in the photo.

I still have to go through the highlights from SIA…but I think there’s a lot of people out there that want the gaper gap to be huge.  This guy must have gotten a huge sunburn from today.

We took off so Marc could catch his shuttle to Denver.  It was a great day on snow, good conditions and friends to ride with.  I was so tired getting off the hill though so I’m glad that I’ll be taking tomorrow off to have a day to write and relax.

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  1. Marc
    February 02, 2009

    Haha! I love how I just plow into those pads protecting the snow gun. Well it’s 4AM EST Monday morning and I’m currently chillin’ in Dulles international in Washington D.C. so I haven’t made it back to Ontario yet. The airport terminal camping is worth it though. Thanks for showing me around your home mountain Shay. Can’t wait to go back to Colorado again.

  2. Shayboarder
    February 05, 2009

    You’ll have to come back on an epic powder day…so much fun! Yeah you really ran into the pads, haha. Glad you came out for Vegas!!!!