Steamboat 1/4/09

04 Jan, 2009

I woke up at 7am to see that there was no new snow and negative temperatures so I crawled back into bed.  Took a late start after sleeping in and headed up the gondola to do a fast run down Heavenly Daze to the halfpipe.  
The Lotus-R/Force combo has been keeping me really happy, been rocking it in the pipe, freeriding and powder.  I had a couple falls in the pipe but no pain so it was a good day.

Despite the bluebird skies and sun shining all day, it was cold!   I stayed warm until 3pm when the sun went down and the negative temps started to hit me.  
The fun thing about halfpipe is you can just lap it all day, I didn’t really wanna deal with crowds or riding alone for freeriding so I just rode halfpipe.  I had good runs and I had bad runs.  

MC came out to ride the pipe, so we made a couple laps through.  I like watching MC ride the pipe, he’s a good rider and I definitely need to push myself to step up tricks.
I was surprised it wasn’t busy at the park today, same people making laps through and some people filming/getting photos on the jump line.  I’ve got an idea for a photo that I wanna take, just need the rider to get it done.  

Speaking of terrain parks…this post goes out to Alex who is in the hospital for some really bad injuries after he wrecked on a rail.  Get well dude…I thought I had it bad but man that rail effed you up.  Stay safe!

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  1. Zaskoda
    January 05, 2009

    Sorry to hear you didn’t have any freshies. We had a nice dump while we were in Wolf Creek. I miss Steamboat’s terrain park. Gonna try to hit it up on or around the 12th.

  2. Shayboarder
    January 06, 2009

    Hey Zaskoda,

    Thanks, there were freshies to be found but I didn’t want to go ride the trees alone on sunday so I hit up the pipe for the bluebird day. Awesome you got good snow in Wolf Creek, I wanna make that way sometime. Nice I’ll be around in town, not sure if i’ll make it on the hill or not but email me and we could try to meet up and ride!