What’s new with Never Summer for 09-10

20 Jan, 2009

With SIA approaching, I figured I’d give a heads up on what is coming up for Never Summer. I have been checking out the catalog and there’s some changes that I’m sure you would like to know about.

RC Technology for 2009-2010

Never Summer’s RC technology did very well this year and obviously for 2009-2010 it is expanded into more of the Never Summer line. This means if you don’t like RC technology, I’d suggest buying up older models of Never Summers now. If you do like RC technology, you can now see it in every board model except the Titan.

New for 2009-2010

Say goodbye to the System and welcome in the Circuit-R to the line up.

Circuit-R and Pandora-R will be the only two boards in the lineup with 1 year warranties. The rest of the boards will have Never Summer’s 3 -year warranty.


I’m not one to judge graphics but I have put out an image of the Lotus already for 2009-2010 and the graphics for the other board lines keep with the NS look and there’s a couple surprises, the circuit-R to me doesn’t look like an NS.

Stay tuned for SIA next week!

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  1. Crispy
    January 21, 2009

    Can’t wait to see what’s up for NS 09/10. Forever stoked on NS!

  2. Andy
    June 16, 2009

    I already have the 09-10 Heritage I love it