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16 Jan, 2009

I came back from the Jackson Hole Bluebird premiere with plenty of I AM stickers and introduced to their way of life.  With John Makens at the lead, the company based out of Wyoming is coming up strong with a solid team of riders, interesting apparel designs and a voice that wants to stand out.  If you haven’t heard of I AM yet, check out what Makens has to say on who the company is and some of their designs.  

Shay: How long has I AM apparel been in business?

Makens: Since 2003

Shay: What made you decide to create I AM apparel?

Makens: I basically wanted an outlet for creativity and something all my friends could be involved in. something that brings us together to channel our artist abilities and love for riding.

Shay: Who are the people behind the company?

Makens: A long List of amazing team riders. All the production and warehouse people. The buyers, supporters, and haters. family, friends, C/O John Makens.

Shay: What is the meaning behind the name?

Makens: I AM is a state of being… Free from the false illusions of todays world that everyone tries to identify with. It’s more about bringing back to the basics. don’t let anything define you.
Shay: Where are the products made?

Makens: All over

Shay: Can you tell more about the logos you use, what does the eye symbolize?

Makens: They all have some sort of meaning behind them, some are more obvious than others. if you are referring to the camera eye… It is a symbol of how we are being watched with everything we do, whether it is by the systems eyes of surveilliance and people of “authority” or how we watch ourselves more importantly.
Shay: How does I AM apparel stay true to itself?

Makens: We do what we do because we love it… if thats not Staying true, then I don’t know what is.
Shay: What are some influences behind I AM apparel?

Makens: The Ancient Masters, Artists , Musicians, Teachers, Healers.

Shay: Who are your team riders?


SNOW: Travis Rice, Kurt Wastell, Chad Otterstrom, Willie McMillon, Mark Carter, Colon Langois, Jeff Kramer, Kinger, Adam Dowell, John Rodosky Graham Scott, Mikey Mahron,, Anders, Austin Julik-Heine, Jordan Michilot, Dan Forsberg, Nic Drago, Chuck T, Jesse Horn.

SKATE: Colt Cannon, Brad Kinsella, Eli Kovic.

SURF: Warren Metcalfe, Paul Brandlin, Adam Wiegand, Roy Steinhart, Chris Hunt, Cody Sherman, Kirk LaRocco
Shay: What’s in store for the future?

Makens: Continuing what we are doing… Expanding the line and adding more products.

Shay: Where can you purchase I AM products?

Makens: Liberty Board Shop http://www.libertyboardshop.com/liberty/dept.asp?dept_id=3432

Want more I AM apparel? Check out their myspace page and website.

Check out the designs and purchase them at Liberty Board Shop.

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  1. hoon
    January 16, 2009

    man your interview with I AM is much more friendly than mine. i get dogs pooping and more poop talk. hahahaa.

  2. Shayboarder
    January 18, 2009

    haha I love the poop talk, so laid back and funny!